Tuesday, May 30, 2006

"...Mr. Speaker, the President of......"

Ok, now that I have your un-divided attention, do you really believe such a thing as an ideal candidate really exists?... well here is your chance to convert me to your cause.
The mission (should you choose to accept it) is to give me your best one-two punch for (first) winning the primaries and (second) winning the white house. Don't just lob me a dashing-duo just because it would look good in a stick banner on somebody's front lawn; tell me something I don't know ( I know, I stole that from Chris Mathews, but he won't care, trust me...)

As host, let me toss my shaven dome in the ring first.
Not that I want to be held to this vote BUT if the election were held today (and taking into account that my beloved Libertarian party will be but a bleep on the electorate radar screen), I would go with
  • Rudy Giuliani - Former Mayor of New York City
  • and
  • Mike Huckabee - Current Governor of Arkansas
  • (and the crowd goes ape!....)

    Simple reasons. Rudy is like me, a quasi-fiscal conservative with libertarian views on liberties. He can't be hammered on defense or foreign policy because in spite of virtually no military or international deplomacy experience he is an International Star, period. His appeal crosses wealth classes and state lines here at home. His visibility after 9/11 was carried around the world and that is more political capital than GWB ever got. As long as he surrounds himself with able cabinet members he will shine. Domestically, it was he who cleaned the mob's clock in New York as District Attorney. As mayor he cleaned New York city streets of crime and blight better than any of his predecessors. If you can do that in the big Apple you certainly have my vote. As to his negatives?... look the ex-wife thing, the lover or whatever is peripheral to me. I thought Clinton's and Kennedy's White House trysts showed an incredible lapse of judgement but I really don't give a hoot. Tommy Jefferson was having illegitimate kids with his slaves and he is damn near fully responsible for most of the Country being what it is. Tawdry behavior? yes, absolutely, a disqualifier? please, not even close... let get off our moral high horse. We are electing the President not the Pope.

    As to Mike Huckaby, this guy is an up and comer, I just love the guy. Click the link and read a Daily Kos posting and subsequent comments. If you get on Kos' radar screen for any reason, then you have surely arrived. The more I read his interviews, the more his mug is on C-Span, the more I think he would be the perfect foil. Southern Gentleman to Rudy's city slickness, ability to cover Rudy's right flank with the conservative base, a good example to all Americans for shedding a ton of weight, writing a book and then preaching good health habits to kids around the country. This guy has been combing Iowa in stealth mode and everybody, and I mean everybody raves about his political skills.
    Lastly they both are compatible. I can see them talking late at night, just the two of them -on any serious issue- and I can visualize both getting the intangibles of the conversation at hand. I get other visions of Bush and Cheney late at night, but this is a family show :)

    Ok, Sports Fans.. let er rip! Talk to me!


    Rosemary said...

    So, you're thinking of my sweeties at night? Hmm...lol. I am furious with GWB at the moment (on illegal ALIENS-they are NOT immigrants. If you invite someone into your house, they are a guest. If there is a trespassers or burgler in your house, they are not a guest!)

    Uh, let me get back on point. You made a good argument for Rudy/Mike. I don't really have anyone yet. I know who I will NOT vote for, if that counts.

    McKennedy-er-McCain, Lott, Frist, or any senators! The heck with the whole lot of them.

    I would love to see Steele on the ticket. He is well spoken, knowledgable, smart as a whip (no pun intended, lol), and he looks goooooood. He is about to carry Virginia (Governor).

    Is it alright if I leave a link to the article you left a comment? I wrote you back, but it would take up too much space here. Also, I wouldn't want to bore your readers. :)

    Here it is, if it is alright: So you say you want a revolution.... I left the correct URL, so you can go directly there.

    I hate it when I see a link somewhere and all they leave is the short URL! That's my little beef for the night. Have a good one!

    Truth-Pain said...

    Aaaah, humor will get you everywhere in Casa de Pain-man! :)
    I agree on the Senators comment. We have not elected one since Kennedy and for good reason, they are all boistfull prima donnas who think they are 1 of 100 Kings in their own Court (except the South Carolina guy... what his face...he is sharp and well spoken, but the hairstyle has to go!). Dont know too much about the Steele guy but I am googling him in 5 minutes flat.
    Thanks for the article,... good information is priceless these days.

    Always On Watch said...

    Already I've seen the msm trying to dig up the dirt on Giuliani. But after watching him on 9/11 and in the weeks after, I have nothing but respect for the man. When he turned down the check from the Saudi prince, I stood up and cheered!

    In sum, Giuliani would get my vote.

    PS: I love his book Leadership!

    Rosemary said...

    Michael Steele is the guy that Sen. Schumer had his aides check his private background. Remember? It was a couple months ago. I don't know if he is suing him, but I know some aides took the fall. If they had been Republicans, you would still be hearing about it. Why? He is black. He is a conservative, and he is running (something) around Schumer! LOL.

    Thank you for the humor comment. I fell asleep shortly after that. Well, for about half an hour anyway. lol. Too busy, man!

    You can find out about Michael Steele at The Club for Growth. This is only organization I am giving campaign money to. We have already had many successes in the primaries! Check out PA.

    Yes, I am a member. They are more on the libertarian side, but that's okay. They are free-markers. I am a fair-marketer. If you don't apply human rights rights, I don't do business with you. Money isn't my bottom line. Principle is. :)

    Blue State Republican said...

    Thanks for the link and interest in Governor Mike Huckabee, Truth-Pain. I can't argue with the Huckabee half of your dream ticket, but unfortunately I do not believe that Rudy -- great leader and fine person that he his -- can ever get the GOP nomination. This is not because of "tawdry" behavior, but rather because of his stance on the issues of abortion, gun control and gay marriage. The heartland base of the GOP simply will not budge on these issues. Therefore, I heartily suggest that Huckabee bump to the top of the ticket.



    betmo said...

    that's a good question. i can see where giuliani would do a fair job. i am reluctant to endorse any republican for anything these days because the party seems to be in a lockdown gestapo mode where free thinkers and moderates are frowned upon. i haven't really thought about candidates- as i have been focusing on the 2006 elections- but i will have to give it a think. i read giuliani's book and i really don't care what went down in the mayor's mansion in private. i do on a human level but it didn't really impact his governing and neither did monica lewinsky for clinton. gingrich sucked in congress and he left his dying, cancer-ridden wife to fend for herself. that is why he got booted. not a good leader. that is what is important. people don't realize that leadership is more important than popularity. the candidate may not look like brad pitt, or be jovial like bushie- but if he or she is able to lead and govern effectively- we need to start electing those people. had a bit extra coffee this morning :)

    betmo said...

    head's up tp- i am in the planning stages of a synopsis of both parties. it is currently swirling around in my brain but will shortly arrive at the blog. any critique would be appreciated. thanks in advance.

    quakerdave said...

    Can Rudy get the GOP behind him with his "social liberal" views and his personal baggage? As an outsider looking in, I wonder.

    Truth-Pain said...

    Always on the watch:
    Yeah, I expect any front runner who is playing coy to get a lot of mud slung his way, but that is par for the course 30 months from E-Day. I almost forgot about the Saudi check thing!...excellent memory.
    I've yet to read any of his books, my "un-read" list is sick-long :)

    Thanks for the links and information on Steele (as well as the information sent via E-mail) I will get back to you on that pronto.

    Blue State Republican:
    I found your site just by a simple blog search,..not knowing i would wind up with a bona fide grass roots deal. Great site,.. I am a real fan of your candidate. I dont agree on all his issues and stances, but I am pragmatic enough to figure out what is important for me and take what I can get. Kudos on your efforts :)

    Betmo! How ya' doin' :)
    I know it pains you to even consider a Repubican (hey, I feel your pain, though not as much), but just reading your comments I am happy to see your wisdom trumps your partisanship. I am looking forward to your thesis on both parties,... that will be a "popcorn" read for me.. cant wait:)

    Quaker Dave!
    Nice to see you visiting my humble lounge.
    You know, I put a lot of thought into the Rudy thing,... I really don't think the conservative base will hold any candidate to a moral high-ground that kills the chances of victory in 08. I think Clinton somewhat de-sensitized the Country to that and now the idea of having a less-than-perfect candidate is somewhat palatable to the bible-belters and right of center electorate. I'm still watching Rudy as he steers his way with coy-ness,... but to answer you question,.. yes, I think he is serious contender for the GOP.

    Truth-Pain said...

    p.s. for QD:
    I forgot to address the "social-liberal" issues of your question. The pro-choice stance is the wild-card for him. If he can get a partner who placates that...... then I think it will help him in the General with Independents like me.

    Ellie said...

    I live in New York City and admire Rudy Giuliani very much for what he did on 9/11. No other leaders were really reaching out to New Yorkers and Giuliani was the only one you saw at the scene, who seemed a genuine leader. Pataki came out of his shell but didn't do much. Pataki is our excuse for a governor. Supposedly he has the qualifications to run for president, but I don't see that going far at all. The only major thing he's done in his whole time in office has been to have appendicitus. I swear, that's the only time he appeared on tv and in the newspapers. He tried to come out strong on the transit strike but it didn't go over well and people probably didn't even realize that he had an opinion on it. Enough with the NY politics. Back to Rudy.

    Yes, I could see him running but I can't see myself voting for him. I admire what he did for New York on 9/11 but I saw the way he was behaving at the RNC. He was so pro-Bush that it was disgusting to watch. True, he had to be pro-Bush, but Bloomberg, our current mayor, refused to speak at the RNC. He probably did this not to lose the votes of us liberal New Yorkers. However, Rudy could have refused to speak too. Maybe the would have held their convention somewhere else if they couldn't get anyone from NYC to speak. It was disgusting how they tried to exploit 9/11 by having their convention in NYC. Rudy at the RNC reminded me of how Colin Powell sold himself out to Bush and his cronies. Sort of like what McCain is doing. But that's a rant I'll save for later. :-)

    Ellie said...

    p.s. about Rudy and the ex-wife thing, I doubt that'll have any effect. If you notice, the only people who make that a big issue are the Republicans. Clinton and Kennedy were Democrats. Maybe the Republicans are just oh so good like that, but I doubt it. I don't think the Democrats will go that low to make that an issue. Although you never know. They are certainly going to be VERY desperate to win this election. During the 2004 campaign they tried not to lead a negative campaign. I think this was very admirable, however negative campaigning seems to work better in this country. Maybe they will change their tactic, maybe not. We shall see.

    Truth-Pain said...

    Ellie, i fully digested your comments, let me give some of my own.
    Of course Giuliani played the RNC. He is running in 08' and HAD to start picking up political allies and favors. Its called holding your nose and dancing with the girl you dont like.
    Bloomberg? the reasong he is a Republican is that he could never get the Democratic not in the primaries, he is a RINO through and through (Republican In Name Only for those not in the know..)
    Politics is like Sausage, you may like the end result but you really dont want to see how its made...

    Always On Watch said...

    I recommed Leadership to my students. Most have found it quite good.

    Blue State Republican said...

    Why thank you, Truth-Pain..it is a labor of love.


    Truth-Pain said...

    Always on watch:
    Thanks for the recommendation, its always good to get yet another book to pile on my "must-read" list :)

    I was cruising your Blog last night, great info... i envy that you have taken the will and time to focus in a grass root issue. Count me in as a regular reader :)

    5th Estate said...

    Hi truth-pain…

    It’s interesting going backwards through posts (I looked at and commented on “The Road to Perdition” first)

    You said “Of course Giuliani played the RNC. He is running in 08' and HAD to start picking up political allies and favors. It’s called holding your nose and dancing with the girl you dont like.”

    What’s the benefit of dancing with a girl you don’t like? Is her daddy rich? Is there a chance of getting laid? Both?
    That actually sums up much of my comments to you in the “The Road to Perdition” post (a very elegant and pithy title I might add—nicely done). One is obliged in politics to choose the “least-worst” of parties and candidates.

    I happen to agree with you that Giuliani doesn’t (and didn’t) really fit the extant national Republican mould. I think he did a very good job as a state prosecutor and as Mayor of NYC. (I get the impression that New York City prefers and does better on the whole with mayoral “Republicans” but invariably votes Democrat nationally).
    I see Giuliani as an effective pragmatist, one who got results that served the common interests of the majority of the whole. Indeed, shouldn’t any mayor of any principal city in the US having a good approval rating be an obvious presidential candidate as such cities are smaller (“microcosmic“ isn’t the right word) examples of the complexities of national realities?
    An easy (and emotional) criticism of Giuliani would be the lack of interoperable communications between first responders to 9-11. If he’s so smart and organized, why hadn’t this been addressed? It is a good question, but a poor accusation. I find no fault with him on that—shit happens (or doesn’t, but the shit rolls downhill anyway).
    I’d be inclined to vote for Giuliani as President because of the pragmatism he has practiced in his policies thus far (damn you, alliteration!). I’d vote for him over Huckabee and Hillary Clinton assuming he’d be as pragmatic a President as he was Mayor. And he showed leadership where Bush showed none and worked his ass off to deal with the situation.

    But here’s what sticks in my craw: Giuliani allowed the GOP to use NYC as a grandstand and photo-op for the RNC, ignoring the objections of 80% of not just city but state inhabitants. There were apparently some expedient financial reasons for doing so (a supposed local economic boost but what of the additional economic costs of security and overtime?--something to look into). But most egregious of all was Giuliani’s statement to the RNC crowd in MSG that his first reaction to the attacks was not “holy shit!” or something similar but, supposedly turning to Bernie Kerik (a politically appointed ex convict)“thank God George Bush is our (or “the”) President”. This claim is completely absent in the personal account he published after 9-11 and long before the RNC convention. He favored the RNC by welcoming it to NYC despite public opposition, and appearing at their shindig. That should have been enough, but he chose to add an obvious and ludicrous lie. In that moment his pragmatism served not the public who he had represented so effectively for many years, but his own ambitions.

    You ask for “ a candidate I can look up to, respect their honesty, trust the fairness of policies and see transparency through-out, and I will vote with you, not against you.”

    Bush and his party have reneged on every promise they have ever made—smaller government (actually bigger), no “nation building” (well that’s true, look at Afghanistan and Iraq) 12 million additional jobs (still at a net loss).

    Damn it all, this is not as I wanted it to be… I’m lecturing (if not actually yelling at) you—it’s a limitation of this format, a simulation of personal dialog. So I’ll stop right now.

    Perhaps we have common ground at least in giving a damn about politics—seemingly unlike 50% of the US voting public. Their loss, our gain I guess though sometimes I wonder.

    Truth-Pain said...

    5th Estate:
    With comments as "Pithy" as these, It's a wonder I can rant at all...
    Forgive me for the brevity of my response on this one but my daughter is in need of serious attention tonight :)

    Rudy: I think he knew he had to begin to work with the GOP political machine. He had no choice... you just can't pass the Iowa primaries unless you have made some serious IOU's and he is considered a RINO (Repub In Name Only) by many so he had a few fences to mend.
    You said it best, it is easy to critique the response to an event that would be unfathomable before its ocurrence. Sure the first responders had a hell of a time communicating, but never in the history of any large city had a disaster of such paradigm vexed common emergency protocol. No excuses mind you, but if that was his only mortal sin then I will go to hell for him, he had larger issues on his plate.
    As to the GOP having its convention in NY? C'mon! Are you going to slag them for that? It was a photo op screaming for development. The demos were just pissed because they were too PC to do it themselves...
    I can't find flaw in any of the events as you describe. They seem to assume our short term memory will help them slide on through with no accounting for their double-speak. Point very well taken.
    As to your final few paragraphs.. rant, yell and lecture away! I give Bush more pain-lumber that I do the Demos. I am a contributor at "Conservative Soup" and some my comments have raised an eyebrow or two, but what can you do?
    Your pointed and detailed retort is what I live for, If I may be so candid. I prefer an honest, painful yet cordial interchange than some of the boneheads who drop a 2-sentence bomb and scurry away.
    You sir, are welcomed to question this humble man's opinion any day.
    Thank you for your interest and thoughful analysis,... my fellow bloggers should be so lucky.

    Ellie said...

    totally agree with you on Bloomberg. I think he's done a very good job as mayor but yes, repub in name only. Definately. So is Giuliani. Actually there isn't much of a choice if you want to win an election in NYC...

    But here’s what sticks in my craw: Giuliani allowed the GOP to use NYC as a grandstand and photo-op for the RNC, ignoring the objections of 80% of not just city but state inhabitants.

    Definately! When Bush came to NYC people actually put signs on top of their buildings protesting him. There were mass protests in such magnitude as had never been seen before. And most of the people were treated very harshly and arrested. They took all the people and put them in a bus depot where there was still oil on the ground, and many described the conditions as being horrible. Now, some were causing trouble, but most were peacefully protesting against something they didn't agree with. It's called freedom of speech.

    5th estate - I also agree with you about Giuliani's statement "thank God George Bush is our (or "the") President". I knew there was something about his speech that really made me mad, and that was it. That was unnecessary and went beyond just trying to do what you have to do to get nominated.

    Truth-Pain said...

    Ellie, I will reply in detail later tonight :) thanks for droppin' in!

    Truth-Pain said...

    Ellie, thanks for the comments.
    As to the NYC GOP convention, hey I love the fact that our constitution gives us the freedom to rant, rave, protest, detest, arrest, contest, infest, and finally blog-fest!... but at the end of the day, it was the venue and the city of NY that said...
    "no problem, we would love to have your convention here along with the free publicity for the city and the millions in business"
    Why cant there be freedom of expression and free markets as well?...
    As to Rudy saying what he said?... Im not defending of slagging him for that, but in my mind, he HAD to pay homage to the party, he had to hold his nose and dance with the "girl" he did not come to the dance with,... and he was scoring political brownie points with the electorate of 08'.. Its politics! just like sausage, you love the taste but you dont want to know how its made :)

    Ellie said...

    I love you're analogies. I tried to think of some of my own but couldn't think of anything that creative. :)

    yes, I guess the GOP coming to NYC was good for the businesses and everything but they were still exploiting 9/11. I mentioned this to my friend this morning and he said that the Democrats could have had their convention in NYC but they chose to have it in...where? (Massachussets...yes, he had forgotten). Maybe he'd have remembered better if he lived in Mass. but it's still true, it was an opportunity open to Democrats. I would say that Kerry was above exploiting 9/11 but I think that's giving him too much credit. As for them holding the convention in nyc, some smart business people probably okayed it. as for the rest of us, we didn't want him there.

    as for Rudy's comments, I see what you're saying. He does have to please the party. But what I'm afraid of is that he will try and please the party in a way that will hurt the country. Like Colin Powell. Powell probably saw himself running for president if he made that speech, but instead he ended up making a fool out of himself and it probably ended his political career. Although Giuliani needs to please the party, I think that comment went above and beyond just pleasing the party (or to steal your analogy) dancing with the girl you don't like.

    btw...how are sausages made?
    lol :)

    Truth-Pain said...

    In all honesty it was a tough postion for Giuliani, he had nowhere to hide and considering the pickle he was in I though he did the best he could. Gave the GOP enough conservatism so as to not make them leery of him, and enough pragmatic lines not to scare the independents. If the "im glas Bush is my president" was the worst that he did, then i say he got off relatively unscathed. The guy is a VERY good politician,.. and as a speaker he is electric.
    As to sausages?... they grind and baste every type of leftover meat (no matter the source) stick it in a tripe-like enclosure,... boil it to (hopefully) kill all the bacteria, and serve it will eggs:)
    ... politics are made the same way.... its pretty gross :)

    Ellie said...

    Gave the GOP enough conservatism so as to not make them leery of him, and enough pragmatic lines not to scare the independents.

    True, however, he made the people on the left who were originally with him feel disgusted. New York is mostly on the left and those are the people who may have stood behind him because he did a great job on 9/11. I guess his popularity traveled all around the country after 9/11 and maybe he figures he doesn't need us liberal New Yorkers. I hope he doesn't sell himself out to the repubs. yes he is a very good speaker, but the same can be said of Bush, no? (and Bill Clinton!!)

    i was just kidding about the sausages. and you're right, I really didn't want to know how they were made. :)