Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Blog Worth Mentioning ...

SOCIAL SENSE ... conservative commentary, eloquent thought-process, with enough pragmatism to quell even the worst of critics ...

In the year or two that I have been traveling the Blogosphere, there have been many sites worth my attention. I've read them all it seems; Liberal, Conservative, Anarchist, ..., you name it, there is a flavor for every taste bud.

Allow me to introduce to you "Social Sense" ( Mustang, the blog's custodian is an ex Marine with traditional conservative views. With just this introduction some of you may click on ahead,... to your detriment and loss; for this is one of the very few places I come often for auto-correction, education, pondering and clarity of thought. There is no flaring-nostrils, fire and brimstone, religious puppetry or higher-than-thou mannerisms to his presentation. To say his writing has a wondrous elegant aplomb to it,... is to be understated.

Mustang's style is unique in that he is able to preamble a theme, frame his argument in an even-keeled manner, buttress his points with anecdotal and / or highly believable sources,... and leave you with a feeling that you learned something you were supposed to know before you read the darn thing. Many a times, (and far too few postings a month to my liking...) I will come to his site to nourish the brain. He is not cheap on words, nor short on berviage. The man has not known an edit button in his life,... and that is a good thing. I don't mind long and winded when the journey keeps delivering layers of hidden information that never seem over-lethargic or unnecessary. His Blog is -simply put-, the best there is, in my humble view.

All that said, there is one element that I find surprising to his blog; read the comments. His guests are from all stripes and ideologies, yet I've not read one strident in attitude or rude in delivery. Mustang takes patience to reply at length when his points are challenged or when something has to be clarified or supported with further argumentation. I've gotten many ideas for a posting just from the comments alone.

I will finish with this, (and I hope the fine fellows mentioned do not mind), between Renegade Eye (Socialist / Secular view), and Social Sense,... I can say I have had my bowl of "daily bread". As one fine blogger once said, If you dare not taste a kool Aid not of your making and not of your taste, then you really don't know what your beliefs truly are. Click and read any of his fine postings. You may or may not agree with his views, but I think you will appreciate the beauty that is, a well presented blog.


Obob said...

I've seen Mustang around and never visited his site. Let me edit that remark. I know have had the pleasure of visiting his site. Your accurate description has brought him a new visitor. great tip
I'd make the feeble attempt at wit and insight, but I had a 22 hour day yesterday and my brain in jello

Obob said...

my brain is jello.

TRUTH-PAIN said...

Jello-brain and all, your comments are appreciated and I assure you Mustang will welcome your visits as well.

Robert said...

He has two new visitors. I saw your rec for him on my site and checked it, but never responded. Some well done work there.

Besides, he was a Marine too. Us cannon fodder must stick together.

TRUTH-PAIN said...

Mustang is akin to Haley's Comet,... he comes once in a while and when he shows up,... its like the rocket's red glare. I encourage you to read any of his postings,... especially ones of deep content and macro-issues. I know you will find them as interesting as i have.

Anonymous said...

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