Sunday, September 16, 2007

In The Wake of Things...

The politics of "Denouncing"

I never listen to politicians telling other politicians to "denounce" anything. What exactly does that do? Let's see..., gives them a free 15 second bite on the cable news, which in turn gives the media something to fill their programming, it pisses-off the guy who is the target of the denouncing, and at the end of the news-cycle life goes on,... hmmmm. Memo to Fred Thompson, I feel ya'. I don't particularly feel Move-on or anyone should run an ad like that (even at a discounted price), but last I heard, a) It is a country where free speech is a golden blessing and b) I am a free marketeer. If The NYT wants to give someone a cut-rate ad and not the opposing side, then so be it. Unless of course it runs cross-current to fairness laws governing political campaigns.

The GOP side of things...

I just can't go into the detail of opinion I gave the Donkeys on my last post. Sorry, but again, it's just way too early for me. But I will give you my early pre-game synopsis. Giuliani? I said long ago that I though Giuliani and Huckabee would be the GOP ticket (yes, I said that about 7 months ago) and I still have my 5 bucks on it. Not because he is my preference (I happen to be enamored with Ron Paul at the moment), but because I believe the GOP is voting on the "Hillary slayer" crown and nothing else. Romney? I love his business acumen (hey.. the Fed is the biggest business in the planet, no?), and the way he communicates. Magnetic and smooth, albeit too mechanical to make anybody come out on a rainy November and vote for his ass. McCain? If you are gonna' slam Romney for the abortion flip-flop, then you have to McCain the lobotomy treatment as well. His stance on immigration, while noble (to some) will be his undoing. Flyover country is still quite xenophobic and not ready to acquiesce to the NAFTA, CAFTA and "Open Borders" of the GWB boys. He is done,... not even a cabinet post. Huckabee? Conservatism with an "aw-shucks" and a smile. This guy is the Donkey's worst nightmare, in my humble view. He was pragmatic enough to know that Arkansas was not a "small government" State and did the best he could to marry his ideology with the reality of the situation. I think he is brilliant, likable and if elected, I would not loose any sleep. Thompson? What the hell did the guy do with 8 years of Senate history? Can anybody tell me? I blasted Kerry on the same point 3 years ago. I know you are 7 foot 7 and talk with a beautiful honey-toned baritone,... but I need more from you. And by the way, ... is that really your wife?....

We are too FAT!!!

I know, its a sensitive topic but you can leave now if your eyelids are beginning to quiver. I got on a Southwest Airlines flight from Pitt to San Jose and sat between... well, you get the picture. I looked around and thought to myself, my god, the news stories are not off at all, we are blimping out! I decided today to just watch ONE NFL game and not 4 or 5.., I'm gonna get my butt out and do some walking, and let the couch cushions air-out the rest of the afternoon. I'm not on my soap box here, but look around! Has anybody been to a mall lately, the Cheesecake Factory?... Its ironic that the film "Sicko" is one man's view of what is wrong with the health care systems in America. Memo to Michael Moore, maybe if you stopped shopping for vitamin supplements at Krispy Kreme Donuts you would have a moral leg to stand on,... but what do I know?... I am 20 lbs too fat myself. What a hypocrite I've become....


Robert said...

You have to post a little more often, my friend. I totally enjoy your comments and perspective. I know we are all busy, and I can appreciate the lack of steam present to post on many days. I have recently bitten off more than I can chew, as my son is on his first baseball(tee-ball) team and I also volunteered to be his cub scout den leader. I have no idea what I was thinking.

Anyway, I have to take exception to your opinion about the ad in the NYT. I do not know the complex nuts and bolts about campaign laws, but this should be viewed as a regulatory issue. I do not like the Fairness Doctrine, and I am not one to whine about unfair treatment. I believe in freedom of speech, and would not dare say that should be prevented from advertising in any way. But for a political action group to make such treacherous statements and the opposition be forced to spend twice as much money to respond reeks of dishonesty.

If the NYT wants to play ball this way, then they should declare that they are a liberal political organization and not put forth this false, "objective journalism" claim. The NYT wants to make money, and this is not a business decision, but one of political affiliation. Were it a business decision then Moveon would have been charged the same rate as any other party.

I am more than 20 pounds heavy. I have recently realized that it is more than a personal appearance issue, and more than a personal health issue. Being a blog friend you know of my 8 year old daughter who is developmentally delayed. She will be at home probably as long as I am alive, and I need to make sure I am prepared to live as long as I can so that I can be there for her. just a couple of weeks ago I bought a home gym thing and the wife and I have started walking. I will work back up to jogging when I lose a few pounds, get some wind back, and my broken down knees can handle the road time. Of course, as much as I love Krispy Kreme I only drop in there about twice a year. All things in

Good to hear from you!

Obob said...

I agree with Robert, we need your sharp tongue back on the blog scene.
A Sipe reference ...
Anyhow, as for the GOP hopefuls:
Rudy: He has the fire in the belly, but no mayor from NYS has ever been Pres andI don't see the streak ending
Huckabee: He's growing on me, I could definately see him on a ticket one way or another. Could really explode in another debate series
McCain: done, 2000 was his best shot
Paul: the Kucinch of the right, small but loyal supporters
Romney: a darkhorse? People are done with the Morman thing, now it is to out Rudy in security, out charm Fred and outwit Huckabee
which that would be the perfect candidate
Fred: yes, his record is as minimal as OJ's crediblity, but he I like what he says and something tells me he could scare the hell out of Hillary and Obama

As for the weight issue, it is what it is.

TRUTH-PAIN said...

Great to see you in my house again my friend.

I know, I know,... I do tend to get lost in the minutia of the career, constant trips to visit the little one on Pennsylvania and my never-ending quest of leaving the single world (Ha!). I do appreciate the words of encouragement.

I agree with you statement about the MoveOn event. If indeed this falls under the new (hate it!) McFeingold campaign law, then there should be mechanisms to ensure that MoveOne gets the same non-lubricated roto-rooter treatment as Rudy G. certainly got. I tend to side with liberties when my head is not fully wrapped around the details of a subject matter,.. but I am careful never to look at things in absolutes or vacuums.

The weight thing... Lately I've taken up Racquetball and have lost 5 lbs in a week. I probably should have not dropped that emotional-ladden barb on my rant,... but I was feeling a tad bloated at the time and well,... you know,...

Good luck in your own health-trek!

Obob said...

cut out fast food and portion control

TRUTH-PAIN said...

Brian Sipe was one of my favorite QB's back in the day,... right up there with Pastorini, Bert Jones, Stabler and (remember this guy?) Jim Zorn!

We are pretty much in tune as far as the GOP line-up. I would love it if Gingrich impaled himself into the fray,...but I think he is to happy making $12K a speech to want to give it up... at least during this cycle..... But there is one person nobody is talking about... she is my dark horse for 2012,.... (drum roll please)... SARAH PALIN, Governor of Alaska. Read her bio, her stance on things and her metoric rise. I'll bet you she has a prominet role in the GOP Convention-Orgy... :)