Tuesday, February 12, 2008


In 2058, after nearly half century of demographic shifts in its population and burdened by the steady exiting of most manufacturing and technical industries to easterly neighbor states, Canada and Asia, the state of California -after a decade of political and Supreme Court decisions supporting it-, seceded from the Union and declared itself the Republica de California Norte (As opposed to Baja).

The results of this action were apocalyptic in its effects and unforeseen by the remaining vestiges of the once-magnificent American population. Mexico, having annexed Guatemala to the south just 4 years before, instantly declared bi-lateral talks with the new Government and a free-immigration zone was quickly declared along the Mexican-California border. A makeshift border fence constructed by the Army Corp of Engineers in 2031 was demolished over 16 months and the existing border was declared void by the new Republic and its neighbor to the south. Most major cities in the state, -now shadows of their former selves due to urban decay and rampant corruption-, became bastions of anarchy like the wild-west times of bygone eras. The agricultural middle valleys were quickly nationalized, as were Federal lands and antiquities, natural oil and gas reserves and whatever was left of Government fixed asset surpluses. Cities such as Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Francisco, mirroring images from Hollywood post-apocalyptic films, were ripe with looting of such magnitude that the States of Arizona, Nevada and Oregon were forced to open refugee camps by the thousands to comfort Californians fleeing the Golden State. Border skirmishes at Oregon and Nevada quickly erupted by ex patriots trying to salvage the remaining union of western states against further aggression. The Governments of Venezuela, Cuba and Uruguay purchased large swaths of land of what once was Orange County and Santa Barbara and immediately commenced nationalizing the off-shore oil fields long laid dormant by the zealous environment movements of the time.

The falling of the former 6th largest economy in the world started a domino effect of a magnitude never imagined by the founding Fathers of a once-great Country. Florida, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi immediately coalesced into the United Gulf States and recalled its entire congressional body in the spring of 2059, thus starting the disintegration of the US system of government as it was known. Middle America, -or what was left of the original union- became a loose confederacy of states inter-depended on each other for trade but the large Federal might of the economy and military power faded rapidly.

Signifying a never-before seen socio-religious movement, Michigan, Illinois and Ohio had grown to be 26% Muslim with torrents of illegal Arab immigrant coming through the Canadian border by the tens of thousands each month. Within 6 years from California's secession, Sharia law was declared in all but one of the great lake States. The last President of the Union, -the honorable Mathew Schwarzenegger-, ended the final body of Congress -and the dissolving of the Union on July 04 of 2076-, with these words:

"Had we known the effects of such things, had my father not listened to my mother Maria in terms of the burgeoning immigration crisis of 2011, has we been disciplined in our stewardship of the Republic and not kneeled to diversity for diversity's sake, had we tempered our naive road towards tolerance in blind worship of political correctness, our nation would still be one, and still be great. Three hundred years old we would have been today..... what happened? Oh God what have we done..."

And then we all awoke,... happy to have been dreaming, happy that it was but a nightmare.

The destruction of America, of the idea of being an American and of the American dream will not come through attrition, through foreign invasion, or even by political shifts. It will only come via the minute by minute, hour by hour and the day by day effects of us forgetting how good we have it, how much blood and capital was paid to get here, what the nation was originally intended to represent and ultimately by the failure to remind our children that this idea of Lady America is as fragile as it is unique.

You think this can't happen? I humbly say to you that we all better wake the fuck up, find out where we left our collective balls (or ovaries) at, and take a stand, take a fucking stand no matter the political consequence, ridicule, blow back and pain. I'm going to be long dead before this shit happens, but my kid, my darling little girl is going to inherit my inactions, my blasse attitude of change, my apathy and my assumptions that "somehow" we will prevail, that somehow we will be ok.

You hear me?.... anybody?...


Wadical said...

NO SHIT! I just stood up in the middle of 9-1-1 dispatch clapping and hooting!

Efffin' aye, man!

You have painted a scary picture, my friend. I gotta go buy another gun.

Culturist John said...

I think you set this too far in the future. Are our schools, hospitals and infrastructure not already coming to look like those of Mexico? Has California's debt and sending of money "back home" not already signaled the free fall?

Your post is not, BTW, racist. It is based on the idea that cultures matter. It is culturist. California and America were built via people living with progressive values. The Mexican culture is great! But it results in low education, high birthrates, and third-world status. Cultures matter.

Those who say they believe in diversity should note that when our nation is different from Mexico there is more diversity internationally. Furthermore, when the population is over 50% Latino, increasing Latinos reduces diversity.

John, www.culturism.us

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

T-P, this is not only genius, but a combination of Orwell and Nostrodamus.

The frightening aspect to this post is that I can easily see it happening. You say much more effectively something that I have said for years - that we are whittling away our culture and our principles a day at a time. Every time someone gives quarter on an issue of political correctness or diversity just for the sake of diversity, we all lose.

Rush Limbaugh gives an interesting thought about this situation. During debates in previous times about women serving in combat, he said that the purpose of the military is to kill people and break things. It is not an organizatin that lends itself to social experimentation, and the very base focus of the military is to accomplish goals. The question he asked was this: "Would our military be better off with women serving in combat? Does it make the military MORE effective? If the answer is no, then we need to let the military decide who and how they use their personnel."

I think this really simple logic should apply across society. If it doesn't improve things, leave it alone.

What kind of water do you drink in that cave? It seems to produce amazing intellectual stimulation....

TRUTH-PAIN said...

Jeez, another gun? :) I took pains in not making the piece too scary, but as I got into the flow of it I found it easy to extrapolate into other things that "may" happen. It's amazing what happends when you let your noggin' roll like that. It's been awhile; thanks for droppin' in.

Culturist John,

Welcome to Casa de Truth-Pain. Your comments are always welcomed.

I am hoping my comments and tenor do not come across racist. I am half Latino but consider myself simply an "American". I don't hyphenate (Latin-American etc) as I think that is divisive in a visceral way.

Its funny you mention culture, because there is a prevalence of thought amongst some of my colleagues that "culture" only applies to "colorful" cultures such as Black, Latin or Asian... or that ther is no such thing as a pure "American" culture per se since we are all a melting pot of sorts(or most of us). I heavily dis-agree with that notion as well. I am of the opinion that being "American" is an idea, a choice, a transformational event that happens to any person who willingly baptizes him or herself into the ethos of "Americana"; the can-do spirit, the rugged individualism and independence of dependence, etc.

Again, I hope to see you here often.


I never thought about Orwell, although I have to admit Nostradamus did creep into my evil scenario. :)

As to the water in the "Cave"?... I think there is something to that:) My cave is simply the absence of constant interaction with the Bloggers and my mind gets really worked up over time. So instead of the steady pressure relief one gets from posting daily you let it all hang out in one massive cathartic moment. But I do miss posting regularly,... it is time that is my enemy at the moment, no lack of inspiration.

Thanks again for your comments.

benning said...

T-P, I enjoyed this. Frightening stuff, but all too possible. You did a good job with it and I could see this tale being told in a Heinleinesque fashion. But Ol' Bob would find a way to bring us out of the horror that lay ahead.

Let's hope we don't allow any of this to happen! GOD forbid!

TRUTH-PAIN said...

Benning! I love Robert Heinlein... its been 15 years since I read any of his work....i have to look for those old paperbacks. You are correct, he would not live us hanging with doom in gloom like I did... :)
Thanks for the comments!

benning said...

1) Methuselah's Children
2) Starship Troopers

Just to get you back in the swing! LOL

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

By the wy, I linked this post and even connected it with a news item from today. Just thought you would like to know.

I understand. I am far more lucid and motivated when I don't feel like i have to do it everyday.

It works for you though.

Culturist John said...

Truth - Pain, Thanks for the welcome. We definetly have a mainstream American culture. It is Protestant and Enlightenment based. Western civ has produced democracy and rights. Multiculturalism tells us that we have no core culture; we are a random collection of cultures. Western civ is our core culture.


TRUTH-PAIN said...

I just ordered both your choices at Barnes & Noble. Muchos Nachos!

You linked me up? Get outta' here!! :) I coming over right now!

American Interests - Realgrid Writing said...

Now tell us something TP, where did you pull this one from? To suggest that it is quite nearly excellent would be an understatement. It is as Robert said, “genius”, the stuff of intellect and most worthy of circulation.

Of concern to me, the scenario painted is by and large, a conceivable outcome particularly in light of recent events and decisions taken in many western societies.

A thinking blogger’s post...

TRUTH-PAIN said...

Culturist John,

... you mentioned our culture is Protestant and Enlightenment based..., now THAT is though-provoking because as much as I delve into minutia, I've never tried to simplify our culture to a few basic terms.....
I feel a posting brewing....

American Interests,

Thank you very kindly for your comments. As I mentioned to Robert at his Blog, this was something very off the cuff. As to where it came from? ... I had made a post nearly 2 years ago called "once upon a time in California" that was its Genesis. As I perused through my old posts, I found it wanting of the depth i wished it had back then, so I broke it down and gave it a face-lift......voila!

Amazing what happens when you read your old material,... talk about a CPR moment.

Your comments are very humbling, my thanks again.

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Wow what a scenerio. Terminator 4 ? Without the Mexican robots.

This scenerio is the goal of the hard core Mexicanos who are pushing for this Union in the Southwest! Blinded eyes are letting it slip away until your scenerio may become reality!

TRUTH-PAIN said...

the Liberal Lie...,

Mexican Terminator robots,... I laughed my butt off just thinking about it.... do they have the titanium-grade sombreros? :)

It is good to have some levity about this posting,... I had no idea it would strike the chord it has... but thankfully it's intent has been interpreted correctly. I love my land way too much to just coast by ...

Debbie said...

Excellent article and yes it could happen. Excellent article, it should make people think.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Anonymous said...

Wow! I mean really.....WOW! That was brilliant. You described it perfectly, a nightmare. And it will become reality if we don't "wake the fuck up" using your words. And you are 100% right, it is our children and their children, that will face the consequences. Good to see ya again!!

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

This is a great article...
I'm sending it around!

I am sick over what is happening!

I am sick of our government!

Anonymous said...

good thing I won't be around-

TRUTH-PAIN said...


I'm just trying to keep up with your volume of work Girlfriend! I'm serious, you put out more in a week that I can imagine writing in a month.

I appreciate you kind comments :)

Conservative Chic!

How nice to see you in my house again. I hope your health is improving.

The posting has stirred-up some hidden frustrations in a few of us I see.... and that's a good thing. I am very politically correct out here on the left coast... but I am beginning to see that I am just as guilty for the decay that surrounds me as the people and issues I rail agains.

Thanks for coming by Jersey Girl!


I've been perusing your blog lately and I know this a topic near and dear to your heart.... feel free to spread the word.

TRUTH-PAIN said...


Our generation not being around during my scenario is the thing that scares me the most.... the next X and Y generations have not learned the term "sacrifice" and "county" yet....its all about Ipods and Hip Hop and other minutia....

Culturist John said...

Truth Pain, I'd be honored if my two sentence summary of American culture fostered a whole blog. I think parts of my current blog entry would help frame it!

Go to http://culturismnews.blogspot.com/ if you have the time and inclination.

Says something like what you do in a less entertaining manner!


TRUTH-PAIN said...

Culturist John,
Don't mind if I do. I will hop over as soon as I get my fix of mornin' oatmeal.

The topic of "culture" is going to be a hot topic in the coming years and I feel I am way behind the curve in its definition and interaction with other important things "American".

Thanks again for the invite!

WomanHonorThyself said...

hiya TP!..The frightening aspect to this post is that I can easily see it happening...as can I!..thanks for givin the good fight my friend!

TRUTH-PAIN said...

Thanks for poppin' over to read my hopefully-not-gonna'-happen scenario. This is a fight that will not be won or lost by us, but by who we leave behind. Thats what scares me...that I wont live to know the end game....

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Truth Pain,

What more can we do here?
I am constantly writing/faxing/calling all my lawmakers.

I tell everyone I know about what is going on in this country.

What I have found with most of our friends ... no one knows what that he!! is going on. They are so busy w/ their daily lives ... it's shocking.

What can we do to bring about some change for the good.

I am really afraid we will become a third world country.

China, Russia, Iran all scare the crapola out of me.
Our economy is just a wreck.
I'm sick of pork barrel spending.
I'm sick of our do nothing congress.


If you feel comfortable, send me an e~mail sometime.

Obob said...

send in Snake Pliskin and the rest is elementary. You better be careful TP, you may hurt some feelings with this post. The left may send you to sensitivity/indoctrination in a Clockwork Orange way.

TRUTH-PAIN said...

Your frustrations are more prevalent and numerous then what we know. I have always thought of it this way. Unionize.

The things we are worried about are things that cross race, party and social class. We are worried about the idea of Americana blending in with the coming globalism, as it were. Why not form a union of citizens whose sole purpose is to promulgate our culture in a way that comes across as noble and salient? Politicians listen to numbers. They listen to the AAPR, Unions and the NRA because they have NUMBERS. Why not form a "special interest" group that makes Washington wake up and take notice?....

Thanks for the email, I will contact you soon and we can talk more...who knows?/....:)


I'll vote for Kurt Russell any time for prez...!