Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A case for a Divided States of America ...

... or reasonable facsimile thereof ...,

United States, States! of America. It used to be that the Federal Government served at the pleasure of the States. It used to be that the 10th Amendment actually meant something. It used to be that from state to state, the differences in architecture, peoples, cultures, geography, micro-climates and to some extent micro-politics were something to behold, love, admire and appreciate. The diversity of America was natural, not legislated. There was a time that crossing a state border was akin to going from Spain to France. Starkly different it was. What happened?

Many things happened. Amongst them, the commerce clause in the Constitution gave way for "cookie-cutter" legislative powers to Congress. This in turn, led to one-size-fits-all mentality. A case can also be made for the effects of franchising and branding. When McDonald's goes nationwide, one can't tell if you  are in a strip-mall in Kenosha, Wisconsin or Albuquerque, New Mexico. The building of the Interstate Highway system in the 50's led to the faster criss-crossing of the country. But most of of us can agree that forced Federal legislation has made once proud, independent and unique states simple "counties" of Washington, D.C.

It will change, and much sooner than I think. The globalization of the economic mechanisms, the light speed communication access to most citizens, and the recent multi-trillion spending by the Administration has opened up a psychological fissure not even considered a mere 4 years ago. Some states like Texas, are already barking up the secession tree. Other states are rejecting forced accepted of bailout dollars. The beginning of the end of "... a more perfect union", and in my mind a good thing. This country has outlived a 50-state union matrix. The time has come for States to either go their separate ways, or voluntarily form regional "American Provinces". This will help each state, each region deal better with their unique needs of population, culture and socio-political dimensions. The needs of schools in Amarillo, Texas are far from the needs of Provo, Utah; and that is but one of 50 other examples I can spell out to better buttress my argument. Division of states does not have to mean an end to the Federal Government need, but rather a return to basics Federal intent such as national defense, trade policy and protection of national borders. Let each state or regions decide for themselves what is best for their population's needs in health, education, economic engines, tax law and immigration policy. 

In closing, I leave this microcosm for consideration. We each live in towns and cities. While we share some common things like schools and hospitals, at the end of the day we go home, to our roofs, our furniture, our taste of foods and preferred TV programs. As unique a thing to each family or household as a fingerprint. The "American City" has to allow the states, or its "homes" to have the unique stamp that makes them culturally autonomous to their population and history. Otherwise, states are merely a piece of land with names like "Alabama", "New York" and "Arizona" .... nothing more. It is time to decide what is it that "unites" us, but allow that which makes us unique not get lost in translation. 

Long live the States of America, not America the master of the States.


Debbie said...

I was thinking about this earlier today, the dividing up of America in some form or fashion. I thought, "How great it would be to actually live in a region where folks felt and believe the same way I do."

But would this really be possible? I don't think so right now, but I would not rule it out at some point in the future.

Look at the TEA parties, there were huge numbers in California, which we consider to be a Liberal state. Some people would have to sell their homes, businesses, leave family members, in order to move to the part of the US that was appropriate to their beliefs. Mighty big changes for some people.

I'm hoping something big is going to happen now that people are off the couches and in the streets voicing their opinions.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

WomanHonorThyself said...

I'm back up and running..thanks for hangin in with me!:)

TAO said...

We actually do share a common set of values, it is just that we do not sometimes acknowledge them.

You cannot generate votes, support, or ratings by highlighting what we have in common.

Some people view Obama as a savior and others view him as digging us a bigger hole...

Either way, we, as Americans will work our way through it and overcome.

We tend to forget that as Americans, we work harder and are more productive than any other country. We are all very prideful of our country, and we do care about others.

Its not a different starting point or a different goal to achieve, its that we have different opinions of how to get from point A to point B.

Truthfully, I wish for the days of Walter Cronkite, where we had more things to do besides sit and watch the news all day long....

Its not that ignorance is bliss its that so much of what is shown as news is so unnecessary.

QuakerDave said...

Yeah, that's the ticket! "City states." Fiefdoms. Worked soooooo well for those Greeks and whatnot, eh?

C'mon now. Let's not all be drinking the tea-baggers tea just yet, okay?

TRUTH-PAIN said...

Although I truly feel the idea of any State seceeding from the Union is a non-starter (not to mention, probably un-doable), I do believe the 10th Ammendment provides States the ability to nuance themselves and maintain some level of autonomy. There are, after all, a ton of things not specifically enumerated in the Constitution that makes is possible for States to "market" their unique traits in getting like-minded people to congregate, live and be regular citizens.

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods and that you get yourself up and going very soon!

TRUTH-PAIN said...

Welcome to the house of pain.

You said:
"You cannot generate votes, support, or ratings by highlighting what we have in common..."

Is that not the gospel. And it leads to your comment on what you see and not see on the media news cycles. Having a 24-hour cycle to fill in their programming makes "filler" material the only thing people latch onto, rather than the quick hard, one-hour news we grew up with.

I agree that my post was a bit far-fetched in its title implies, but surely you agree that there is a value and right for each state to have those 10th ammendment rights in full bloom. It seems to me we are one big state and not a union of uniquely distinct ones. I think there is a way to correct that, in my view.

As to your Tea Party comment? I am all for lawful, respectful and robust public protest. No matter if its and anti-war, anti-goverment or pro-choice. Protesting for or against something is part of Americana. I don't think the Tea-baggers are all automatons of Fox and the right wing and most seem to dismiss. I was in one of them. It was my way of saying "Hey Goverment, you spend too much!". I would have done it regardless of what party was in office.

Paul Champagne said...

Problem with your map ... No way would NM be a part of the New Texas Republic. NM is much more closely aligned with San Francisco than with San Antonio. The people of Alaska would rather commit Hari-Kari than go to Russia. Alaska has got to be the Redest state in the Union.

WomanHonorThyself said...

diversity: the new leftist mantra..sick!

Renegade Eye said...

It's too long since your last post.

You have the best conservative blog around.

When you return, I can tell you why you are way off with this post.

benning said...

Yeah, where are you, T-P?

benning said...

Happy Thanksgiving, T-P! Wherever you are!


akiva@israel said...

lol-i totally support you in this. thats why i hate this process-globalization-it makes us mass without our own calture and traditions and makes us forget our history... its wrong and danger tendency

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Otto Marasco said...

Glad this blog is still up ...

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