Wednesday, May 17, 2006

ok... so I like the show!

Man, this blogging world can get serious in a hurry. I've been doing this regurlarly for about a month and already I've aged a few years and care more about things than I care to care about... did that make ANY sense to anybody?
So in the interest of adding a measure of levity to an otherwise bombastic blog, I offer this.
Isn't the Glen Beck show cool?
As a self professed news and web junkie I love the Cable talk shows. Chris Mathews (fast, insightfull, pitbull determination, but too much fawning over Theresa Heinz-Kerry), Keith Olberman (VERY good, leftist view nonewithstanding... talent is talent), Bill O'reilly (I liked him more a few years ago before he gave Falafel a bad name...) Lou Dobbs (love the show, and even more since he's been on the illegal immigration wagon-train). I think they all have something to offer if you look past your own prism glasses.
But lately, I'm hooked on the new CNN Glenn Beck show. I never liked his radio show (and they did cancel it here in the Bay Area for low ratings), it just never worked for me. But on TV, I get him. His pieces are diverse, he's very engaging and has a self-depracating way to which I can relate. Not to mention he did a rare thing,... got me to tears with a piece on a Soldier who adopted an Iraqui Orphan with cerebral palsy,.. yep, I was ballin'. It's good to know that even in this age of media cynicism that a pragmatic man such as I can be paralyzed in emotion by a good story.
Thats it.
Tomorrow I'll be back for my regular Magna Carta-length postings.


Anonymous said...

I dig the show too. Sometimes he sounds like John Madden when he gets cynical but overall I agree. cool blog.

Truth-Pain said...

The more I watch him the more I watch him. I've had people tell me he is a wanna-be so-and-so but I don't see it,... maybe he wants to be a mega-millionaire pundit (and who doesn't...) but his is a unique style and show... I am a believer in the Glenn man!