Wednesday, May 17, 2006


If you read any of my postings you know what side of the fence (no pun intended) I veer towards in the immigration battle.
This started as a broad posting about solving the immigration problem as a whole, but then I had an epiphany. keep it simple and they (the stubborn ones) will come.

Top 5 reasons why I changed my mind about the fence. (I can do that, right?)

1. The imagery. I know, I'm wussying-out here, but I can't wrap my frontal lobe around the Statue of Liberty saying "Bring me your weak, your hungry and your tired" while at the same time building a massive wall to keep those very mentioned out, regardless of the legal implications. Keep reading, My twisted logic will make sense in a few paragraphs.
2. Show me a 25 foot high fence, and I'll show you a 26 foot ladder. Trust me on this one. I can jump any fence given enough motivation and desperation to do so.
3. The money. Sorry to be such as cheapskate, tight-fisted Libertarian but I'll make a trade for ya'. I'll give you your 2,000 mile fence, if you give me back 4 Aircraft Carrier Groups (that are not needed), lop-off 1/2 of the intelligence community bureocracy (see my intelligence post), and kill all federal and state taxes on Gasoline,... forever! Now you can have your damn fence.
4. The Feds aren't prosecuting ANYBODY! The raid on the pallet company? A joke. 45 minutes after they arested 1200 people, 70% of them were back at the Home Depot parking lot. Until the Goverment grows a pair and starts to really lay the lumber on employers it is not going to diminish the volume coming in one iota.
5. The 14th Amendment (THE REAL REASON). Instant Citizenship for persons born on US soil is the real prize here, Sparky. That is the holy grail of achievements for illegals. Think of it. Who in their right moral mind is going to expel an illegal that has citizens for children? Nobody. The PC crowd, the Church, the left wing, the ACLU,... they would go ape! THAT is were the bullet hits the bone. Even Canadians, those monoliths of liberal dogma knocked that law out of the hockey arena when Chinese immigrants were flying in by the tens of thousands just to give birth on Canadian soil. Sorry said the the Mounties, no more social programs for non-citizens (egads!!). Earn your damn citizenship, they said, the statue of Liberty is in New York not in Quebec. (why did that not make the news?)
Until WE knock that obsolete, cleverly-guised and stupidly created Civil War-era law from the Constitution nothing is going to stop the crossings. Not a fence, not the military, not even Paris Hilton and Angelina Jolie posing naked in Tijuana with signs that say "What happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico" will put an end to the burrito highway.
Hey George, do numbers 4 and 5 for me and the fence won't be needed. 6 to 8 million will slowly go home by attrition over 20 years because they would have no reason to stay. No legal work, no citizenship, no public education for their kids, no free hospital care at taxpayer expense. Nothing. The gravy train has left the station.
Yeah, I know. I'm insensitive, inhumane, hardened to the human condition, stupid, xenophobic and even dangerous. Quick,... somebody take away my keyboard before I influence 20 million people....


The_Bos'un said...

Reasons 3, 4, and 5 are the big reasons why the fence will not work. These illegals will mass on the border and come up with new ways to break through. Until our weak willed pundits, businesses, and bleeding hearts get with the program it will continue. I like your post.

BTW, I posted a short post on the the Venezuela f-16 program. About all I could come with this evening. I have some more stuff in the works and have gone out to couple news agencies to cross post some interesting articles.

Also, today the Aksa Brigades threatened to bring the Intifada to the US and Europe. They blame us for their Hamas issue. The world has given them a free pass for so long.

Publius said...

The 14th Amendment is the next frontier in the immigration debate. Today on the Radio Factor with Bill O’Reilly he even said that this needs to be changed. I will add that O’Reilly is also against deportation but for a guest worker program. I don’t know how they can get around the 14th Amendment without passing a new Amendment to the Constitution, unless it can somehow be challenged in the Courts with a new interpretation that the law was solely meant for freed slaves and was not intended for a permanent law of the land, but that might not fly either. But, I think it needs to be part of any comprehensive immigration reform if that really is the direction we are headed.

el said...

I'm more for punishing those who hire illegals. If there is no work for them then they have no reason to come. As for the fence, if the Chinese can do it I don't see why we couldn't. Just electrify it and then they couldn't use latters. As for their children being born on US soil, it is still legal to kick them out. A child being born in US does not make thier parents citizens. The child is allowed back into the US when it comes of age. If you actually go by the laws in place it might work. Thanks for coming by my blog:)

Linda C said...


If I remember my civics and american history correctly, repealing or modification of an amendment takes the same process as passing one. That would mean, if the process were to start now, it would take about 10 years for it to wander through the approvals of the House, Senate, Executive and all the states for 2/3rds ratification.

My compromise on the fence is to bring the troops home and use some of the remote recon and assult technology to patrol the boarders. Give our troops real time experience at home. It would still be expensive, but hey, the military will still spend the money anyway.

Truth-Pain said...

Why... Linda C!... what a distinct honour to have been graced with thy noblest of commentaries...
Thanks for droppin' by,... :)

Publius said...

I do believe because it is an Amendment it would take an amendment to overturn it, but I believe the interpretation of that amendment can be changed. For example, the 2nd Amendment gives us the right to bare arms, but the government can restrict which types of guns we can buy and thus interprets that Amendment. Pornography can or might not be covered as Freedom of Speech. Amendments have to be changed to be overturned but not to be re-interpreted. The 14th can and should be interpreted to only mean for freed slaves witch it can be argued was the intention of the Amendment and not the consequences that exist today.

betmo said...

i personally don't like a lot of tampering with the constitution- and i don't like re-writes either. but that's me. i am not a fan of homeland securtiy because it is a blanket agency but it hasn't done away with big government- it has added to it. not to mention that monopolies are dangerous whether they be in the hands of the government or private companies. cnetralized government on that scale smacks of dictatorship and it makes me nervous. where are the republican values of less government is more? big reason i don't trust the current regime.

as to the fence- i agree. although the saying goes, 'good fences make good neighbors', i am sure frost would understand that it really won't work in this instance. i fully agree with the enforcement- yes, the enforcement- of the immigration laws. i feel compassion for these people on a basic human level- but hey- if you aren't here legally- you don't get american citizen goodies like jobs, social services and the like. it took my sister almost 3 months of pounding the pavement to land a job that pays a couple of bucks over minimum wage. if you want something bad enough- you will go for it. the same is true of the legal immigrants in this country- they worked their bums off to become citizens. i don't want to hear the amnesty word for these folks.

having said that- i will re-iterate that our immigration policies should be looked at. i think that it is ridiculous to make the immigrants to this country know more than the actual citizenship. i have posted numerous posts on the education system in this country- so i won't expound here. when you have people in this country who were born here that 1) don't speak recognizable english and 2) haven't got clue one about history or current events, i feel that it is a bit ironic that we expect the immigrants to know that. so- we have alot of work to do and we have all of these smoke screens going up so that the same old same old can get elected. i don't personally feel that either major party is fit to lead this country. i don't agree with the repubs on their agenda and the dems don't seem to have one- so third party anyone?

Truth-Pain said...

Oh Sister, your fine points have hit a raw nerve with me,... I agree!. This administration must be for "small government" only in their dreams. Homeland Security?... another fat layer (read "show me the money" posting of a few weeks back). Bush has increased spending at a faster rate than Clinton, Bush 41 and Reagan. I think sometimes "good intent" gets the headlines and when it comes time to lay out the details we all get hosed with yet another Governing layer.
As to your paragraph #2 musings, DITTO! If anybody had the testicular fortitude to enforce the current laws as written we would not be as deep in a mess as we are.
As to citizenship, I have major rants when I keep hearing this "path to citizenship" mantra. Hey, most of these folks don't WANT to be citizens,... at least not in the ways that make them speak the language, assimilate into our melting pot and buy into the American Dream. They just want to earn money for a couple of years and have the flexibility to come and go as they please. Why does the Press and the Bush Boys assume that EVERYBODY wants or has to become a citizen?... Should citizenship not be help in high regard and only vested to those willing to sacrifice something?
Finally Betmo,... you tired of the Demos and Repubs?... come to the dark side :)
I don't fully agree with all the issues on my party's platform, but after trying the elephant and the donkey for 25 years, I had no choice. I would love to form a coalition of Libertarians and what-have-you to knock both major parties into submission and accountability.

sappho said...

This was such a great post!
All of your reasons are extremely valid. And, I cant believe I'm saying this, I agree with you!

Truth-Pain said...

Sappho: Thank you!. If I can convey an idea that is logical to your way of thinking then I'd like to think I am looking at all angles and not just my Libertarian-Conservative bent on things. You will be surprised the many common things we may have if we dig a little deeped in that which makes us tick :)