Monday, June 05, 2006

Hey Republicans..., Bush is a liberal !

It occurs to me that being a republican these days must not be very pleasant. Not only has GWB avoided the principles of conservatism for ya', but when he finds himself in a pickle poll-wise (don't believe it when Tony Snow says he doesn't look at them..) he rolls out Gays, Guns and God to try and rev up the base.... or better said, most of you die-hard Republicans.
I fee ya,.. I really do. I got hosed a couple of times by Reagan. And when Bush 41 pledged the famous "read my lips, no new taxes" and went ahead and raised them anyway,... I felt de-virginized again. So in the spirit of giving Republicans just as much lumber as I lay to the Democrats I submit the following point. The boy is a liberal.
He promised "no nation building" and stuck it to you anyway by pumping more money in Iraq and Af-crap-astan than he's pumped into any combination of Urban or Rural development, period. Even after hammering Clinton on this very subject you would think it would have been seared in his mind as to what promises to break and which not to. Regardless of where the hell and what foreign Country the money is going to, if he is spending on nation building, that is being a liberal..... (You got hosed!). What part of "Small Government" does he believe in? Not to say that a prescription drug benefit is not a noble intent. Even my libertarian brain acknowledges that we can't expect people to spend their Social Security on medicine that comes from a systems that does not fully adhere to the principles of fair market competition. The pharmaceutical companies have been riding the Health Departments largesse for decades and has done it mostly under the press' radar. This Godzilla of an entitlement is going to make Social Security and Medicare look like chump change in about 30 or 40 years. I hope I'm dead by then, seriously. Billions on entitlement programs is liberal mantra folks. (you got hosed!). He fails to protect the border the way it it is mandated by the Constitution. Even democrats agree that his "comprehensive immigration" policy is a good and cooperative way to work together with the other side of the aisle. Let's see, ... Liberal immigration and amnesty policies,... yep,... (you got hosed!).
So now that the new and improved Bolten-led staff realizes the base is taking a vacation from voting in 06', they roll the Gay Wedding discrimination Act or whatever its called. Amazing the cojones. And these are the same people that complain about Democrats rolling out the race card every time THEY are in a pickle. This is not 2004. The marriage ammendment is not going to save Bush's butt this time around. I think you guys are all staying home in 06'. And I dont blame you one bit. In 1996 I voted for Clinton just to pee on the GOP's grave. I've been a libertarian ever since.
I feel sorry for you guys, I really do. You thought you were getting a classic conservative, and you got a War-lovin' President ....a free-spending, illegal immigrant-inviting, ...... Liberal.
Hey Rush, Life must suck for those in Rio Linda.


Publius said...

Is it just me or do the only people who seem to care about this gay marriage amendment are either Republican politicians who are for amnesty or those opposed to a gay marriage amendment? I am from a big Catholic family and not one of us are talking about this, of course, there is little else to talk about when I am telling them about illegal immigration and how we are getting hosed by the Senate.

betmo said...

i personally don't believe that bush is leading the country anyway- i think that it is cheney- in which case- boy did they ever get 'hosed' as you so eloquently put it. cheney is on record(i will find it for you) as having made the list of judges for the supreme court. i just read a few days ago where the law proposed in congress go over his desk first on the way to bush's- just to check and see if any of those pesky lawmakers are trying to inhibit the growth of the presidency. so- to blame bush, i think is really unfair. he is the speechmaker masquerading as the 'decider' when all along the laugh has been on the conservative party.

Always On Watch said...

Recently, I heard a diehard Republican refer to GWB as a "Trojan horse." The comparison fits these days.

sappho said...

Interesting view truth-pain, but I do see your point. Somehow I cant wrap my liberal head around the statement "Bush is a liberal", though!!

Truth-Pain said...

Publius, I can attest to one of your points... I don't know of ONE person in my circle of friends, conservatives or otherwise, who are really harping about this that much....And that includes two particular friends who are Gay musician partners,.. from what they tell me they know its a action to put a burr under the Repubs so as to get the cobwebs out of their electorate base....
We laugh about it to be honest, but I know it is a serious issue for some. I thought the discussion at your blog about the Gay ammendment issue was very helpful to me.. i admit it, I am not up to speed on it as much as I should be.

Truth-Pain said...

Betmo,.. The DNC should hire you to plan the angles of attack on Bush/Cheney,... :)

Truth-Pain said...

now THAT is one of the best analogies Ive heard.. "Trojan Horse"... man does that stir up a posting in my oven... Thanks!! great imagery... hmmmmmm

Truth-Pain said...

Let me tell ya',... I laughed all the way through on that posting. Thats what happens when you have a particularly bad day at the office and you want to rant on something on the "outside"... :)
I agree, he does not fit the image of classic Liberal or social liberal as prefessed by my own Party, ... but you gotta' admit, some of the things he has done would have NEVER been done by Bush 41, Regan or Nixon,.. thats why I think this guy is a real enigma,.. you can call him nutty, out-to-lunch on some issues and all that... but the curveballs he throws with policy, and some of the bones he's given up (prescription drugs, the Kennedy Education bill,... the immigration initiative)... just baffle the conservatives.... hell, they baffle me!

sappho said...

I defintely agree with that Truth-pain!

Publius said...

I will admit to only knowing maybe 4 gay men and I have never met a lesbian, but it is not a big issue to me. I think 25 states have said no to gay marriage, and more states will be deciding on it soon. Although I would rather the Senate be talking about this issue rather than trying to screw up immigration even more.

betmo said...

thought that i would chime in. the hot button 'right' issues seem to be anti-islam and anti-illegal aliens. bush might want to actually read a poll and perhaps he wouldn't be embarrassing himself and his party with gay marriage amendments. i am embarrassed for you all(tp excluded- he's a liber----tarian(you thought i was going to say the other 'l' word :) (no- not lesbian :)

Truth-Pain said...

Bottom line on this Publius, I really think people fear homosexuality for ignorance, not fully understanding that although the Church condems it,.. how can they explain homosexual behavior in the animal and insect world?.. are animals sinners as well?
I did not know squat about homosexual/lesbians until i moved into the bay area. Man was I in for an education. Now It is such a non-issue to me that when it takes up the upper fold of a newspaper front page , I go "what is all the hub hub about?"...
but then I think about the fact that most people have not had the blessing of my experience..... and I get it...

sappho said...

Nice to meet you.
You have now met a bonified lesbian.

Ellie said...

I agree with most of what you said, but not liking the Bush is a liberal idea. Yes, he's screwed the conservatives, but he's screwed the liberals too. He's just plain screwed America. After the 2004 election I read something online saying to those people who voted for Bush based on moral issues that "it's not just the Democrat's children who will die in Iraq, it's yours too. It's not the Democrat's who will be taxed, it's you too. etc." Now, I feel that's coming true. People who were all for Bush are starting to realize that he doesn't care about the issues he ran on and that all he cares about is his own greed.
great post (except the Bush is a liberal part) :)

Ellie said...

Here's that thing I found online that I was telling you about. I thought it was very good so I went and looked for it.


Bush may have won...but YOU lost.

Here's why:

When overtime pay is eliminated, it won't just be terminated for liberals. You're going to lose yours, as well.

You're going to have to live in the same polluted America as the rest of us.

When the next terrorist attack hits us -- and it will -- the al-Qaeda isn't just going to target Democrats only.

When Social Security goes bankrupt, there won't be any exceptions made for Bush supporters.

The drug companies aren't going to cut Republican seniors any slack with the new Medicare prescription-drug plan either Your folks will also have their coverage changed arbitrarily whenever Merck, Pfizer, et al. feel like it.

( And they won't have any better access to cheaper pharmaceuticals from Canada than anyone else. )

Body armor and armored vehicles in Iraq are not going to doled on the basis of political leanings.

Bottom line, you're in the same leaky lifeboat as the rest of us -- you just don't know it yet.

Except in one regard.

Your kids aren't going to be able to afford college tuition any more than ours...and when the bill for these record deficits falls due, they're going to have to pay up same as everyone else.

And that's not even mentioning the possibility of a draft.

And when they realized that they'll never be able to have a lifestyle as good as yours...all because you wanted to feel pumped about having 'your' guy in office and have yourself a liberal-bashing party, right here, right now...they will turn on you with vengeance.

Either that...or guess who's gonna end up supporting them?

Most likely, both of the above. If Bush does get a second term, you'd better be prepared to have your grown kids living with you and hating you at the same time.

And that is gonna hurt you like you don't wanna know.

That's the difference, guys. Our kids are gonna know that at least we cared enough about their future to fight to try and fight for it.

Here's the site if your interested:

Truth-Pain said...

ellie!! Nice posting, thanks!.. I am in the middle of a project here... but dont think your comments will go unnoticed,..i reply later on. Thank you always for the mind-food :)