Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Today is not a good day...

...for people that love MEAT HEAD.

The Rob Reiner-backed Proposition 82 went down in defeat in yesterday's elections in the people's Republic of California.
Prop. 82, a pre-school program backed by the Teachers Union would have imposes a 1.2% tax to wealthier individuals and couples to fund what many considered a boondogle of an entitlement. I still don't understand what it is about the liberal establishment that believes that additional taxation and social programs are better for America. Has there ever been a social program of which they prefer LESS of?
I'm not basting on a "nanny-state" argument here, but I have yet to hear a progressive say "you know, this social program is too large, or obsolete, or not doing the job,... lets kill it" (have you?)

...for people that hate ANN COULTER
This conservative bombastic Bimbo of blow-hards is laughing all the way to her Broker's office. I fully disclose that I read her, and yes I own 2 of her books. Not for any particular reason other than I find her books entertaining as hell. But you know me, I'm a glutton for a good time. And to me that alone is worth the price of admission.
But is she evil and mean? Well, "mean" being a subjective thing I would have to say yes (to some). I think the bombs she lobed at the Jersey Girls were grenades of the highest acerbic order. Coulter was not very classy in her verbiage and if you are a believer then she may very well perish in Hades,... nobody can fully know the pain associated with losing a loved one at the World Trade Center, nobody. I admit it, Coulter's way is not a paragon of decency. But thinking this was not a pre-meditated barb to sell her book and get the left reeling is being naive. Why is she all over the news? Is it really because she is a great talent? ( I don't particularly think so), is it because she is a Pulitzer prize winning writer? (nope). She makes news because she is one of the smartest and shrewd marketeering authors of today. She plays the liberals like the proverbial Red Violin. The media and bloggersphere are so predictable that it becomes a popcorn moment whenever she says something. EVERY time she opens her pie-hole, ... they listen!. All she had to do was rant about the Jersey Girls agenda and like Pavlov's Dogs, the Left Wing ate the bone. I know some think she is dangerous because she influences people. Yeah, ... but so does the Bible and the Koran, so let's not give her too much credit people. Stop listening to her and she will be the Dodo bird of punditry in 6 months.... But I know you won't stop :)

...If you are a Canadian
Dangit, what happened? You are supposed to be nicer than us, ...more compassionate, a better society than we are, ... a better Country, a much fairer and principled Government (present Prime Minister excluded, of course), a country that accepts the wonderful and peace-loving religion of Islam....
Ooops.. I guess they want to lop-off YOUR heads too....

I don't wish you ill Canada,... but welcome to the jungle.

.... If you dont have a sense of Humor

If you lack a sense of humor, or if your political correctness gives you aneurysms at the thought of laughing at social satire, please....leave now. You've been warned. This little morsel of chuckles is from Publius' blog. Let me just say this,... I shared it with 4 Mexicans, 2 Wasp's, and most of my Latin family,... they ALL laughed... lets see what I get from the peanut gallery ...


betmo said...

tp- i think that i am very funny and have a great sense of humor(even when people don't always get what i am saying). sometimes things get lost in the written word- inflection, body language, etc that conveys humor. having said that- i dont find coulter even one whit funny. i dislike her with a white hot intensity because she give women a bad name. she may be doing her schtick for profit- and she may think she is funny and urbane- but seriously- some of these people believe her when she says women are less than men and shouldn't vote, etc. do i believe she means that? not necessarily- but some of these yahoos- it gives them what they feel is the right to domestic violence and at the very least meanness.

on the other point- i agree that the left wing jumps on absolutely everthing. there isn't a single issue that the left won't tackle- and that's the problem. i thing that we need to tackle specific issues- homeland securtity, civil liberties, things of that nature. no- no mention of the secret prisons that 14 european countries may have been complicit with us in. no- the gay marriage amendment non-issue gets more air time.

that's why i don't comment on the immigration issues, gay issues, etc. important yes- pressing- no. we have already debated the flag burning thing ad nauseum. let people burn it. i don't think they should- but hey- it's america. so- i am conscientiously objecting to the immigration stuff.

Truth-Pain said...

I hear you Betmo. One point I want to make is that we can't baby sit every Yahoo out there from influences that may entice them to demean woman. They will get influenced by their Church (if they go to one), their friends, cartoons, no matter what we can do to oppose it.
As to demeaning woman, I have always professed to securing the right of pornography because the right to free speech is absolute in my view as long as there is not seditious intent to harm the stability of the Government. But doesn't pornography demeans woman and encorages males to look a woman as purely sexual objects? Don't certain Religions espouse wives being sub-serviant to their husbands? Don't certain sects perform clitorectomy's (pardon if I missspelled that) so as to keep them clean of "carnal pleasure"?... there are many things that demean in worse ways than some blonde on TV. Just my 2 cents.
You are correct in that its important to prioritize our political battles.

betmo said...

i guess i just don't feel that she has a valid viewpoint on anything. she isn't funny and all she does is say things for shock value. i agree with your points- i was not implying that she should be censored but rather have the courage of conviction to be more responsible. don't worry, i won't hold my hand on my a-- waiting for that to happen. i just find it sad that she is getting more air time for being mean spirited than the erosion of our american way of life. again, the left reacts to someone who aligns with the right- and spews crap for shock value. sigh.

Sarah said...

Any country that embraces democracy, rule of law, and freedom of religion/speech will be a target of Islamic extremists, I'm afraid.

Always On Watch said...

About Rob Reiner's proposition, from this source:

...The preschool initiative seemed to have everything going for it. There is ample evidence that quality preschool really does improve the life chances of poor children. The measure had celebrity backing from Rob Reiner, the actor and director. The program was universal: It would have helped every child in California, not just the poor. And it was financed through substantial tax increases on only the very wealthiest Californians -- couples earning more than $800,000 a year and individuals earning over $400,000 a year. The vast majority of Californians would not have seen their taxes go up.

Almost all these assets became liabilities.

Reiner, whose enthusiasm for preschool is genuine and infectious, ran into controversy when it emerged that a state commission he chaired had spent $23 million promoting the value of early learning -- even as Reiner was organizing to put the initiative on the ballot. It sure looked like tax dollars were being used to promote an actor's favorite cause.

Because the measure covered everyone, including kids already in preschool, it was very expensive. The wealthy rebelled against the big income tax increase -- the top rate would have gone from 9.3 percent to 11 percent -- and bankrolled the opposition. Private preschool providers worried that the public provision of preschool would threaten their businesses.

There was also the good-government point: Californians have grown sensibly weary of "ballot-box budgeting," through which initiatives are used to mandate both programs and the tax increases to pay for them. That robs state officials of flexibility in times of budget turmoil, which Californians have experienced a lot of lately.

A bond for libraries was also defeated. See the article for more details.

Coulter pushes the envelope, but I like her no-BS attitude.

I'm starting to wonder if the flap over the NJ widows isn't a distraction from something very important in her latest book. I'll be buying a copy this weekend.

betmo said...

tp- are you on break? blogger has been very trying lately- so i haven't been around much myself. just checking in.

Sarah said...

Hmm - If there was a Coulter on the left, I'm sure most of the right would not appreciate her "no BS" attitude.

Coulter represents everything that is wrong with the Republican party - 10 times multiplied, in a skeletal body and a whorish wardrobe. She's nothing but an ugly, bitter hypocrite. She has absolutely NO character and NO morality - no doubt it would be hard to find her soul.

I doubt she practices anything that she preaches. I really wonder what type of person would find her interesting - not the type of person I would want around me or anybody I loved.

Ellie said...

I still don't understand what it is about the liberal establishment that believes that additional taxation and social programs are better for America. Has there ever been a social program of which they prefer LESS of?

In my humble opinion social programs are what keeps America running and is what keeps it from becoming an oligarchy like some of the countries in South America. We have a middle class because of the social programs. and we want to tax the rich. The bushies are the ones that want to eliminate the social programs and tax the middle class. That way, the middle class gets less money due to taxes and less aid from social programs. So they become poor, making the rich richer. And of course Bush is rich and all he cares about is himself and his cronies. so, yeah liberals (or at least I think so) that social programs help the middle class and that taxes on the rich will aid our economy. The rich have enough money all ready, what is a little given in taxes to them?? Probably nothing, whereas increases in taxes may leave other families having to give up essentials or worse.

as for Ann Coulter, in case you couldn't have already guessed, I hate her. As betmo said, she degrades women. Besides that though, she pretty much speaks for everything I hate about the Bush Republicans. You should read Al Franken's attack on her in Lies, and the Lying Liars who tell them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right (I love that title).

That animation was great. I try to be politically correct, but I'm not that nuts about it. That was funny as hell! :)

Publius said...

Also, truth I was thinking. I think your “thoughts” on immigration would carry more weight if you made sure people understand you aren’t just another “angry old white guy.”

quakerdave said...

You know, there ARE some government programs that we on the Left WOULD like to see less of. Here's a partial list:

1. Bush's unConstitutional domestic spying program.

2. Bush's illegal "extraordinary rendition"(political kidnapping) program.

3. Bush's corporate welfare program.

4. Bush's nation-building program (the war of empire in Iraq).

Start with those.

As for Fraulein KKKoulter, she is BS personified.

Truth-Pain said...

Hey QD...
Ill hit you first since I just read your comment.
Point #1. Since when is anything the NSA or CIA does a "social program"? I get your jist but maybe if I would have asked "Is there anything the left wants Bush to stop doing?"... but Ill give you the free Bush-blast.
Point #2 I have no idea what your point was but give me a few days,.. Ive been moving the GF and Ive been out of the loop news-wise.
Point #3 The "Bush" corporate welfare plan has been in effect way before even Bush 41... start with Eisenhower and the Industrial Milirary Complex... but maybe that is a topic for yet another posting.
Point #4 See reply #1.
Point #5 As to Coulter?... my opinion speaks for itself. You guys want to elevate her to boogie chick status.... go ahead. Its your time.

Truth-Pain said...

I still have people in my day-job thinkin' im caucasian... I guess they did not notice I left the ethnic box unchecked in my employment papers.....

Truth-Pain said...

I think we have to divide what we read with what influences us.
I've read Hitler's Mein Kempft (spelling?)... I doubt I read it for a philosophical opening,.. merely for curiosity and historical perspective. Coulter is what you see her to be. To some she is evil,.. and that is ok. To me, I filter the bombasm and concentrate of that which I feel has merit.
Even Hitler's book has sections that i went "wow, he said that?... how the hell did he turn our killing so many Jews?"....
Perspective is a drink that is bitter, but necessary.