Sunday, February 04, 2007

Buenos Dias...

Seems like I've been gone longer than just a two months. Since my last posting, I've visited the lovely state of Pennsylvania to visit my daughter, settled nicely into my new position within my company, and have had a nice long vacation from blogs and politics. Not because of burnout, or "mental cleansing"; but just because like everything else in life, one needs to step back sometimes, take measure of yourself and your beliefs, and move forward when you are ready to go.

One of the things I am looking forward to doing is enlarging my blog roll. I have to admit, I fall into what is familiar in terms of blogs. Regardless of views, my comfort level is there with those of you kind enough to have accepted (or not) my comments, and you all know who you are, yes? I know there are literally thousands of great bloggers yet to be discovered, and I hope to bring some of those to light in the coming months.

As to the current topics?.... I have plenty of ammo stored in the dungeon and my acerbic tongue is just as lovely so don't think I am a kinder, gentler TP,... but maybe I am a wiser one. At least I hope so. It will be good to read all your blogs again.......... Onward!
(p.s. oh yeah, that is my mug, in case you were wondering what TP looks like:)


betmo said...

welcome back- my acerbic tongue has run unabated :)

Brooke said...

Nice to see you back, and I'm glad things are going well!

Oh, and that's a well-polished pate! ;)

5th Estate said...

I wondered where you'd gone.

As the only libertarian identified on my blogroll you hold a special place on my blog (not exactly a privilege, but special anyway).

Welcome back to the grand exchange of informed and uninformed opinions and whining that these tubes on the internets what we call the blogosphere...ummm...are!
Are? Yeah...are!

Obob said...

I see you have the same problem as I do, we get so mnay compliments our head swells, but the hair can't keep up
good you're back

defiant_infidel said...

Hey, TP... GREAT to see you are back!! I was very heartened to read that you got to visit your little girl, too... what a wonderful thing! You are the only Libertarian on my blog list also, I believe. A very welcome one at that. I look forward to reading your coming entries. All the best to you.

Truth-Pain said...

I was so ver near you... there is even a Utica town near my daughter in PA. I love that part of the country. Thanks for keeping up with me on my private email. Love you. I cant wait to catch up on your rantings :)

Just a warning, anybody giving me compliments on my dome is close to my heart (LOL!), don't let me fall in love with you too now... your husband may not like me any more... Thanks for the words :)

Being the only Libertarian on your blog makes me nervous,... Is this your idea of a quota? I look forward to our banter,... missed the hell out of that.

You still alive after your Bears imploded?... :)
Nice to see a fellow balding man in my inner circle.
(How is the cap situation for the Bears, by the way?...)

Thanks for the kind words. Seeing my little one was a wonderful experience. I am actually going back in late February again. I may buy a house over there as a retirement investment... amazing countryside. I am flattered to be in your blogroll as well, I will add you blob to my "voices".

Truth-Pain said...
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D.Daddio Al-Ozarka said...

Just a warning, anybody giving me compliments on my dome is close to my heart (LOL!)"

I resemble that ramark!

Welcome back into the fray, T-P!

benning said...

Welcome back! We missed you!

Always On Watch Two said...

Hey! You're back! :)

Robert said...

GLad to see you back, my friend. For some reason, I can only get to your site when I type it in; the link won't get me there.

Anyway, you and I share a hairstyle, as well as facial hair preference....