Wednesday, November 08, 2006


As a fiscal conservative of sorts, I was a little fearful of what happened on election night, then I realized, why am I so scared? These Republicans have no relation whatsoever to my libertarian ethos of small government and fiscal wisdom. There was a forty, 40! percent increase in the size of the federal budget during the Republican reign. Hell, if you're going to have spending idiot savants,... then bring in the real pros, ...the donkeys. Democrats have been experts at spending for 70 years and won't give up that throne lightly.

So after I got the grin on my face as I watched the Republicans get throttled, I realized the following:

~ Howard Dean to the white courtesy phone please! ~
Did he pull it off or what? after the shellacking of critique he got from his own party for the ridiculous idea of investing precious dollars in ALL 50 states,.... now the "yeller" is looking pretty good, isn't he? Problem is, he was nowhere to be found. Did anybody see him in any of the talk shows, wasn't he conspicuously absent from the Democratic onstage orgy?.... It won't matter. Rahm Emanuel is going to get chairmanship of the DNC. You heard it here first.

~ Nancy Pelosi, I love your "purple suit" honey~
Anybody notice the purple suit she had on? subliminal thing to mean she was all for the "purple-ization" of America?... Oh hell no, I know that, but I found it an odd color to choose for her crowning moment. I'll give her credit though, she was cordial, near-magnanimous, and said all the right things. But if she leaves bone-heads like Alcee Hastings and Charlie Rangold to head those high-profile committees then its all fluff anyway.

~ Paul and James~
James Carville and Paul Begala were scaring me last night. I though they were on drugs,.. and inhaling. They were good, salient, non-sarcastic, no poison spewing out, non-acerbic, ..... I swear they had the best lines and reasoning of the night. What happened to them? I liked them better when they were A-holes.... The sight of James walking around the set in Nike's was priceless.

~ Return of the Blue Dogs Demos~
Imagine that,... conservative democrats in the mist...., Pelosi and Schumer must be going apeshit! I don't think this was an anti-incumbent election at all. Make no mistake about it, this was an anti-Bush bash-o-rama. But a liberal revolution this was not. Casey from Pennsylvania? Webb from Virginia? These guys are economic NATIONALISTS! they don't like the outsourcing of jobs or free trade, and want a serious immigration policy to stop illegals.... Casey is pro-life and pro-gun! (huh?), Brown from Ohio? Has anybody read his book on free trade? This guy is my guy! He is a DINO! (demo in name only).

~Ned Lamont... what happened?~
The night of the primary election when he allowed Al Sharpton and the usual suspects to pose on the dais with him for the 11'o clock news, was the beginning of the end. Tell me you did not squirm at that.... anybody? Personally I'm glad Lieberman waxed his tail. Now we have a 49-49 Senate with Jeffords basically a Democrat pretending to be an independent, and Lieberman raring to piss somebody off... think of the vote Drama in the senate. Many a popcorn moments to come...

~Bush goes Cleveland~
President Grover Cleveland never saw a veto he did not like,.. GWB has been allergic to the veto pen. You heard it here first, he is going to be flexing the veto pen so hard it is going to be THE issue of his last 2 years. Mark it.

~Its not the economy, stupid?~
Might as well toss that little nugget down the basin of election myths. The economy is smokin', the stock exchange is nearing the half-gazilion mark, unemployment is down in the 4% mark?.... so what? said the electorate. Its the war, stupid. No longer is a race local... the nationalization of political races is here to stay.

So with that, I hope the Democrats get thumped in '08, and the Republicans get smoked in 2010, and the Democrats get sauced in 2012,.... get my drift? the only way these professional politicians are going to stop pissing on each other's coffee and start working together is by never feeling secure of their fuckin' seat. Keep voting out the bums America,.... If my party can't win, then to hell with the other two I say...


D.Daddio Al-Ozarka said...

"James Carville and Paul Begala were scaring me last night. I though they were on drugs,.. and inhaling. They were good, salient, non-sarcastic, no poison spewing out, non-acerbic, ..... I swear they had the best lines and reasoning of the night. What happened to them? I liked them better when they were A-holes.... The sight of James walking around the set in Nike's was priceless."

What were you watching, T-P? I watched the dynamic duo too and I thought the panel would end up in a brawl. It was the samr ar MSNBC. I thought Scarborough was going to (justifiably) reach over and thump Matthews on his idiot head!

Carville was more subdued than usual. Bill Bennett called Begala down when he started trashing Rush.

Begala is the pictire of a childish Democrat. You must have been watching after the results were in because before there was anything concrete, Begala was Begala.

The tension at MSNBC was even worse. I'm glad Scarborough put Matthews in his place.

Always On Watch said...

Now it's up to the Dems to govern. Their utopian promises will come to nothing.

Politicians care about getting votes. Let 'em all live in fear of losing their seats! It's the only way to keep them responsive to their electorate--always has been the only way.

The Republican candidates blew it in this midterm election. They got what they deserved. Nevertheless, I worry that the election results have emboldened the terrorists.

betmo said...

my advice- stop watching pundit news. these folks have nothing to say- and they keep on saying over and over. real news only- and if you have to get it from oversees- so be it. the dems have a big mess to clean up and it won't be done in 2 years. i don't know that i have much faith in their ability to do so- but at the very least it got the neo cons out. if true repubs get voted for in the next election- i won't be as alarmed. if it is more from this crew- we would be in deep doo doo. i don't consider these folks republicans although they use the name. in fact the dems would not have won if not for the moderate conservatives and moderate republicans. for them- i am thankful. they saw that the bush cabal in the white house and in the congress were not good for this country and they voted accordingly. perhaps now we can focus on real issues- getting our civil liberties back, fixing the election process, true homeland security, renewable energy sources, jobs for america, etc.

Brooke said...

I say put term limits on them all; and no pensions and life-long bennies, either.

Where are all the Mr. Smiths?

KEvron said...

~bill clinton
i love the deficit-turned-surplus your presidency once gave the nation.


defiant_infidel said...

Howard the Duck was on Fox the day following the election and correctly blowing his own horn about his idea of spending $$ and time in all 50 states. As much as I despise him, I knew his tactics there were on target. Just what the Demo's did not need, damn it.

Yes, Bushy needs to wear out the veto pen and order some back-up case containers today. Bet he won't. He's already saying that now he might get his illegal alien amnesty passed... great.

I sure don't put much hope in any few Blu Dog's weak and sparse conservative views drowning out the likes of San Fran Pelosi.

The fact that Lamont got as far as he did is a huge clue as to the overall tint of this mess. He never was going to whip Lieberman, but he got unnerving traction for awhile.

I completely agree that the RINO's needed to go, I am just very disappointed with what the alternative is. It can't be better, except maybe as a two year very hard lesson. The problem with that approach is the time it will require to re-repair all that they disassemble... we may not have that time.

The "moderate" Conservatives (what would that really equate to, anyway?) still remain. They got Dem votes in many places... like here in Maine as with Olympia. The liberal Repub's got the axe from real conservative voters who stayed home. I parallel that to shooting yourself in the stomach to stop the bleeding hand from a knife wound.

So we are left with RINO's and proudly self-labeled lib Dummocrats, an increasingly spineless Prez. who axes the Def.Sec. the day following the disaster (when it does nothing but further piss off the conservative base and give the libs the opportunity to scream "he's running away"... which, by the way, is the same thing the current Al Qaeda leader in Iraq is celebrating just today) and the rest of us pinning our hopes on how badly the Dhim's will screw things up in the next two years.

Safe bet there maybe, but is this the time to be spinning our wheels some more? I think not, but that's what we're going to do. Buckle your seat belts and prepare for a crash...

betmo said...

i guess i am curious what kind of world and america you envision- as there doesn't seem to be room anywhere for anyone even remotely left of where you are- defiant infidel. moderates are useless and half of the population of america is meaningless. how can 70% of the american population be completely wrong? why do you think that they sent the message that they did? and how is america better today than it was 6 years ago? just curious.

Robert said...

Funny Betmo, the left seemed to think that 49 states were wrong when Reagan was elected. You thought the country was wrong in '00 and '04.

The country wasn't necessarily wrong. The GOP has failed to govern responsibly the past 6 -8 years. But they voted out of emotion and not reason. They are so short sighted to think that saving a few American lives in Iraq is more important than the long term threat of Americans dying from terrorism around the world.

America is better because the economy is booming like never before. For thepast 2 years, there has been prediction afte prediction about the housing market crashing, a recession, the stock market correcting...none of it happened a single time. America is better because I have felt like someone finally had the intestinal fortitude to forego political correctness and touchy-feely rhetoric to stand up and confront evil. No cruise missiles, no compromise. I want a cowboy for a President. I want a congress that gives no quarter to the enemy.

Obob said...

I hate hitting a good thread late. The best points have been made and with more wit than I can muster. The GOP screwed the pooch and the average American spoke out. I may consider the average American a blithering idiot right now, but this is a democracy.
So the GOP is on the clock to reply. Do they come back as Reaganites, Bush41ers, neocons, the "don't just sit there, spend somethingers" or a rebirth of the Christian Coalition. I honestly hope a return to Reagan, but the 08 ticket will be McCain/Gulliani, veeeeerrrrrrrrry moderate.

defiant_infidel said...

Well, betmo, I just found your anticipated response. Robert did an excellent job of covering the points, however, I will add a couple of things that might be included...

I envision, no expect, an America that responds with overwhelming force to terrorist actions that have been inflicted upon our country. Perhaps they did not all originate in Iraq, (although I would argue that by existing Saddam paper trail indications we have since found) but the point is that there is a huge Al Qaeda presence in Iraq... right NOW. We can delay the fight by leaving, giving them more time to organize and rebuild from the damage we have thus far inflicted. That will also further bolster their continuing recruitment by giving them another example of us cowering and running (something that convinced bin Laden that we could be defeated in the first place... remember his "Paper Tiger" assessment?). It will also mean that we will fight them on our home soil in that next phase of the battle. May I ask where you, and those sharing your opinion, plan to run to then? Canada, perhaps?

If, in my view, "moderate" reflected something other than a code name for liberal, I would be more inclined to give them some creedence. Their actions, voting record and history do not. Moderates do have function, unfortunately not one which is conducive to us triumphing over the vast evil of Jihad that we are faced with, whether we choose to recognize the degree and intensity of their goals or not. Moderate's actions do not encourage the amount of force needed to beat the terrorists. There is no room or opportunity for such a foolish wasting of time.

"Half the population is meaningless"? "Moderates are useless"? Did I say either of those things? I don't believe that to be so at all and I'm not sure where you build these interesting notions. If they were meaningless or useless, the Dem's would not have just achieved power. I don't think they are either, simply blatantly wrong.

The 70% of those who voted, not the American population (you thought everyone in America used their privelage to vote?) were wrong. I gather that you think the majority view is always correct then? Like, oh let's say for example, the view of the majority of the 1.52 billion Muslims towards Christianity perhaps?

I believe they sent the "message that they did" because they represent a pampered, dumbed down percentage of Americans that believe that we live in a permanent, forever shielded utopia that will always be "safe" and essentially free of outside interference. If they believed their lives and those of our future generations were as collectively endangered as those who have schemed to accomplish our extermination, they would vote to fight to save their asses. But they are far more consumed with how we appear to the world's Nevilles and Kofis and what our government "deserves to give them".

Furthermore, I believe that the very same sentiment is held amongst those members of Congress who we put in office to do numerous jobs that they never did. They too are all engrossed in what is best for the person wearing their shoes and don't really see or believe the true vision of radical Islamicists.

America is marginally better than we were six years ago in the fact that, some (although far too few)of the officials who hold office do realize the aforementioned. They are the ones you fashionably and condescendingly label the "neocons". Liberals don't like the idea that we must fight and kill to stop those who would otherwise kill us. In there minds, there stubbornly just MUST be a better way. It is a decided weakness that the terrorist warrior recognizes and manipulates.

We are also marginally better off economically... unemployment, stock market and home ownership. But you know all that... you are light years from stupid, you are just selective in what you wish to see.

I am also. I choose to see that if we suffer an irreversible terrorist hit via any one of the numerous WMD avenues that today exist, widespread death and destruction here will supercede the other "concerns" instantly. I guess I am also strange because I see that as most important. I see a lot of death and conflict that we are destined to sacrifice due to repetitive mistakes and ignorance in our past that has allowed this cancer to fester.

Why can't the Democrats effectively combat this threat? Historical performance and their currently stated goals would be my response. When you go to hire a Supervisor to run a company, you don't pick the one who says all the things you wish to hear, yet has no history of performance (rather a lengthy list of capitulations and appeasements to the competing companies) to substantiate it.

But I guess we have to learn this... again. If we have the time. I sincerely pray we do.

"The American people have put their feet on the right path by... realizing their president's betrayal in supporting Israel... so they voted for something reasonable in the last elections."

-Abu Ayyub al-Masri, Al Qaeda Leader in Iraq

Now let me ask you... why do you think he feels that way?

ExistingThing said...

I wait expectantly for the next Carter-following Ronald Reagan. Sadly, we have a bit of a wait...

Mustang said...

When consorting with prostitutes, one should never be surprised to come away with an STD. Neither should voters be surprised about the result of their particular choice in an election. Let's face it, there is little difference between the two professions -- except that the prostitute knows what she's all about and politicians of both parties act as if they've achieved sainthood.

A pox on them all.

Renegade Eye said...

Lieberman is staying with the Dems. It is not his nature, to jump to the minority party. He would lose his committee status.

Lamont got off message. Except for the war, he is also a conservative Dem.

The neocons are really hurt hard. Bush is bringing in his dad's people. Maybe Colin Powell will return.

Obob said...

happy thanksgiving

Ellie said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

betmo said...

happy holiday weekend tp.

defiant_infidel said...

Excellent rebuttal, Betmo!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well... :-)

Ellie said...

Happy Holidays Truth!!

Rosemary said...

Merry Christmas!

Robert said...

TP, where are you?

Best of the new year to you and yours!

Renegade Eye said...

Now the Dems have to produce.


benning said...

Alright, it's been over two months. Now where are you? I'm waiting.

Obob said...

agreed, we need some Truth-pain wisdom