Monday, July 09, 2007

... what a great nap it was...

.... but like all good things, it came to an end.

I have returned; like the proverbial zit on the left (or right) buttock. nice to see you all again.

I had to go away. And you will relate to my reasons if you have anything close to a pulse. To have a good blog, -a place where others come for views, opinions, or morsels of information new to their day-, one needs to a) keep it fresh, b) keep the truth flag at half mast (at least!) and, c) have a topic that grabs you by the short and curlies and doesn't let go. My problem is that I am an admitted information junkie. For every piece of news I read there is yet another and another piece of information to link, to cross-reference, to buttress and to consider. It is an endless cycle, is it not? One can easily dedicate 6 to 8 hours a day in the give and take that this medium provides. For every 10 "facts" I use to sustain my points of views, an opposing fellow will bring 20 "facts" to slay my logic. For every cherry-picked idea I espouse to try and bridge the gap between the ideologues, there are 10 cherry-bombs lobbed my way to try and snap my will. I have simply run out of gas, out of time, and sadly out of passion to deal with the mental dueling. I give up (at least on the dueling part...). I'm not kidding either. This is not a pity party to get others to prop my ass out of my doldrums. This is just the proverbial waving of the white flag to say,... World, you won, left and right wings, you won too. Trolls,... yep, you've vested me. Liberals, ... I am done trying to win your hearts and minds to see some things "my way". Conservatives,... although I am one of you (in the "pure" sense of the word), I am giving up on trying to correct some of the things the conservative movement has turned into. Congratulations, you have all won the day and I tender you my sword. The days of enjoying the ether-vinegar are no longer reasons to write. This medium has turned into WWI; where trench warfare and victory by attrition is the reality of the times. I am still a pragmatist, just less positive. I am still positive, just less hopeful, I am still hopeful, only less idealistic,.... and yes, still idealistic, but only when I allow myself to suck on a crack pipe for 10 minutes.

Some smarter guy that I will ever be once said, "only a fool tries to swim against the currents of an out-of-control flood tide. He survives by managing and steering where those floods are talking him to ..." (author unknown). Hmmm, sort of like being inside a barrel going over Niagara Falls,...albeit with a make-shift rudder,... but for some reason I find a beautiful logic in that idea. I grew up in an America where the first time I heard of Baghdad was in "I dream of Jeannie". A world that funneled what government wanted us to know via 3 all-knowing networks. A world simpler in vision, simpler in values,... and impossible to reach in its fullest. That Jeannie has left the bottle. Not only has she left the bottle, but she is pregnant, gained a few pounds of self-awareness, wears baggy jeans, has a few implants, a tattoo just above the crack of her butt, is wired to her I-pod and I-phone at the same time, and uses Blogger and You-Tube to blowtorch her views to the rest of the world without an edit button. Even if I tried to shoehorn her ass back into the bottle I would not even come close. I'm done pissing against the wind-tunnel. There were nights that I literally went to bed with a rant on my head, a comment stuck to my nerve, a new blog that incinerated my sense of decorum,... who the hell needs that? I started this to blow a little steam to things I am passionate about, not to gather yet another obsession-compulsion... I want to say I want to be a kinder, gentler soul, but heaven's, even that nice phrase implies that I just spend the last 100 days hanging out with Bush 41.
Well, t he night is aging, and I gotta' go, but I will be here, more often, albeit a little different than before. After such a 100-day nap, my face is stubbly, my eyes are still half shut, my brain is in need of a few bottles of WD-40.... and the damn Jeannie is downstairs screaming for some more bom-bombs,...


Renegade Eye said...

It's great you are back. I checked your blog from time to time.

Truth-Pain said...

Thanks Ren,
It feels like covering myself with a warm comfortable blanket to see some of you again.

Brooke said...

I hope that you are here more than just quarterly!

It's good to see you back!

Always On Watch said...

Truth Pain,
Nice to see you back!

For quite a while, I was totally obsessed with blogging, and that obsession was interfering with living my life. I've decided that I don't have to follow every story; after all, I'm not the lone blogger out here.

I've also discovered that a bit of variety (some life blogging, if you will) helps to keep me fresh and alert.

Robert said...

Welcome Back T-P!

I have also enjoyed a hiatus, for a number of reasons. Blogging fatigue was one, the liberal brick wall was another. Throw in some real life things like work and my wife's surgery, and I have been gone for almost two months.

I am back, too! like you, I will be a bit different I think. Drop in once in a while.

Obob said...

glad to see you as well at the blog. With odd summer I've had, I chosen to mix it up. Hence the beer and immature posts of late. Politics is politics, but comedy is everywhere

Truth-Pain said...

Brooke, AOW2, Robert & Obob:
Many thanks for dropping in... i hope to keep it up! :)