Wednesday, October 03, 2007


(Warning: The following posting may be hazardous to humor-challenged bloggers of all stars and stripes...)

My newly-found friend, Jen (Go see her at the “other bullhorns” blog roll) had a posting on what exactly supporting our troops meant. She got nearly 50 comments from all angles of the political spectrum, each (myself included) trying to express what it means to them and why (to some) the other side is wrong, etc. I’m not gonna’ get into a heavy, deep-analysis diatribe here. Instead, I am just going to give you 5 things I support, and 5 things I don’t. They are not in any particular order of preference. And by the way, my definition of support is simple. As long as it supports the full package, is not too snug around my waist, and comes in all kinds of pretty colors… then I call it “support”.


1. …every soldier that every laced up the combat boots, no matter the war, no matter the political climate, no matter the Monday morning quarterbacking denoting said war. This is not to say that if you committed a war crime or other atrocity you should not get what is coming to you, but independent of that, I support them. No matter how you feel about war, peace, non-foreign intervention (like me), we can all agree that these men and woman all know that there is a real possibility of them dying in the service of their country. How many of us (with the obvious exception of cops, fire fighters etc) can say we live day-to-day knowing we can be put in harms way at any moment? Besides, this man served in the military proudly, honorably and with dignity. The military professional, -in its majority-, is a good and decent person, regardless of the Generals and Politicos who drop him into quagmire scenarios.

2. … the right to kill anybody who is aiming his cannon at my ass. Yes I am a non-foreign interventionist, but that doesn’t mean I am stupid, turn-the-other-cheek-fellow or a pacifist. I promise never to launch an attack on your lawn, but if I see you aim your water sprinkler at my fence, then I am going to go medieval with the super-soaker and lay waste to your damn orchids.

3. ... the right of my Girlfriend to own 135 pairs of shoes, bangles, purses, hair scrunches or nail polish bottles, as long at it does not forcibly interfere with my right to buy 135 pairs of …… anything (see previous post if you don't get it...)

4. … the office of the President of the United States. No, I did not vote for George W. Bush, but he IS my President Goddammit! Any efforts on my part to lessen the constitutionally-mandated powers of that office (emphasis in office) will lessen the effectiveness of any future President that I do happen to vote for. I did not vote for Clinton either, and although that he showed an amazing lack of judgment in some of his public (and private) missteps, he was still MY President Goddammit! (I love saying that word…)

5. … your right to kneel down to any God that happens to win your soul at the moment. I am agnostic, so I don’t kneel down to anything except the whims of my daughter and to tie my shoe-laces. Seriously, you want to pray and believe in the Holy Trinity? or Allah? or Jehovah? Jesus? Mother Teresa? … Great! I could not be happier for you. I happen to believe that some of the teachings of Jesus are universal in their message of good, and his philosophy for loving your fellow man are noble, natural and wonderful. If you are religions then you show faith, …the blind and illogical (to me) belief in something that you cannot tangibly touch or see. You are a better person that I will ever be because I have no faith; I am way too freaking pragmatic and soul-less for that. I know America the beautiful was founded on the tenements of a higher power, and that for the most part; some sort of Judeo-Christian ethos is something many of us rely as the backbone of our strength. Fabulous. But just as I support your right to go to heaven or hell (whichever sounds the most fun), please support my right to (respectfully) not care as to what God or Statue makes you bow down, or quiver in its presence. Religion should be like sex, don’t talk about it, just do it.


… War, yes war. Who the hell supports the idea of war? Is it sometimes necessary? Hell yes! (Did I just say “hell”?), is it mostly a male hormone-induced social condition?, uh, not only yes, but HELL yes! (Shit, I really sound like a preacher now…), but in the pure definition of its bellicose-root, no. I do not support war. In my Garden of Eden (dammit!) people should sit their assess down, work their difference of territory or otherwise, have a “greater council” of authority agree to the agreement, and then everybody can go to Ted’s Pub and pull back a few cold ones. But then again, I support the ferociousness of the NFL on any given Sunday…… never mind. I support war.... war is good!

… Socialism,… although I am realistic enough to understand that all the entitlements bestowed upon our populace are in some form of socialistic credo; and are -for the most part-, here to stay. That’s why I am a Libertarian; we want life the old-fashion way, to earn it; not to expect anyone to give us anything we did not deserve. We believe in a minimalist shoe-string government to handle the basic common needs of it's people and ensure the peace and prosperity here at home. No dept of Education, Energy, Agriculture, Defense, Health …nothing. We believe in the sweat of our brow, the freedom to live as you wish, getting the government out of our pockets (and bedrooms) and letting the free market rule. Hell, anybody can be a Socialist. You can coast by life, maybe working to earn a living, giving damn near all your earnings to the idiots running the Circus, caring for every bleeding-heart cause, redistributing wealth, only knowing that by age 65 or so the great eye in the sky (Uncle Sam) is going to give you a few hundred bucks a month. Money that (at its height) probably gained a 1.5% interest over the course of your “lock box” allotment. Are you kidding me?... somebody sign me up for that! Cause God knows (shit!) that I prefer that lousy 1.5% over the 12% AVERAGE return on investment I’ve gotten on my own with no help from the the Treasure Dept.

… Theocracies,… foreign or domestic. Any government that does not come from the vestiges of democracy and free-will, but instead gets its marching orders from a figment of Emperor Constantine or Muhammad’s conjuring, is a government to which I won’t pledge allegiance of any sort. You want to see me get psycho? Mention the word “Sharia” or “God’s will” and watch as my fingers start to twitch…… towards the 50 caliber!

… Political Correctness of any kind. This phenomenon (in my opinion) is the single biggest reason why Blacks are pimped, Latinos are patronized to death, we don’t say what we really feel, and there are no more rights or wrongs,… good or bad, black or white,… it is all one huge pile of grey dung-drop where subjectivity is taken to stupid levels of thinking.

…. And I sure don’t support sitting at my desk, for 45 minutes, writing a useless posting when I could be working on that damned PowerPoint presentation I have to do in the morning… (Lord, forgive Truth-Pain, for he knows not what he is doing...)


Obob said...

PowerPoint is overrated unless you have wicked good hyperlinks. Which reminds of a quiz I must conjur for my unsuspecting kids. I'll create phantom questions if the Cubs lose tonight.
I do agree with on many points,
I am a borderline Libertarian, except for the isolationsit stuff
I am for gay marriage
against abortion,
I don't like war (but somedays you have punch someone in the teeth and break their jaw in process)
I don't care how many shoes my wife wants(I subscibe to the "What is good for the goose is good for gander" philosophy
I do not support our media's love affair with the Clintons, Packers, or other denzins with socialist/communinist agenda
I support our troops in any conflict because I am damned pissed if I have parents who don't support me in the classroom when I educate their children, I cannot grasp the integrity of our troops knowing what they know goes on at home.
I have not supported my Republican Rep, Dan Burton since he called Clinton a "scumbag." Clinton may have been and still is one, but my elected offical must conduct themselves better. So Reid and the rest of those jackholes can imagine how I feel when they attack the Presidency in time of war. Old Hickory or Teddy Roosevelt would have kicked Reid's ass to his illegal land deal and back,then stared down Pelosi like a two year old child who spilled milk at the kitchen table.
Obob feel better

Anonymous said...

T-P, ya have to check out my comment to you on my last comment, i'm sure you will appreciate it...LOL

That was a really great post! I was sitting here debating what to blog about and BAM, you gave me a great idea. The shoes bit is funny as hell. I agree with you on everything, that's scary for both of us! :-)

PowerPoint? Nah, this was so much better.

Thanks for the idea, I'll be linking to you!

Laurie said...

"I promise never to launch an attack on your lawn, but if I see you aim your water sprinkler at my fence, then I am going to go medieval with the super-soaker and lay waste to your damn orchids."

I have a Word document in which I keep a compilation of my favorite quotes. Just wanted to let you know, this one is my latest addition.

TRUTH-PAIN said...

Thanks for the comments,... in being a regular reader and peruser of your Blog, I can see you are about as an unconventional conservative ideologue as anybody. I can see the problem with the non-interventionist credo of my party (or my ex party for that matter),... me too. At heart I really am, but not to the extent of not being pre-emptive when there is blatant proof of danger.
Your last paragraph is noteworthy. Not too many conservatives would stand on principle agains an elected official of their own party. Especially for something like that. That is certainly one of my biggest pet peeves.
Lastly, I'm glad you were able to post this time,... i was beginning to think you were cursed....

TRUTH-PAIN said...

Glad to know we have a mutual admiration society here, :)... I find it stimulating, hopeful and gratifying that Conservatives (such as yourself) and Liberals (such as Renegade Eye) can accept and ponder my musings with respect, and reply in candor, no matter the differences, if any. After all, I am an American first and a partisan last. In the hypothetical case of an invasion to this country, I would pick up a gun to defend my fellow American no matter if he or she were politically opposite from me...

TRUTH-PAIN said...

Thanks for coming by, and for the comments,... Maybe you should do a posting of some of those quotes,... that would be a read, don't cha' think?....

Laurie said...

That's a FANTASTIC idea! It will be my next entry. Thanks for that!

Debbie said...

Nice post. You let it all out and told us how you feel. But I want to know how you got my picture!!! heh

Notice the avitar/gravitar/whatever they are called.

Right Truth

TRUTH-PAIN said...

The funny thing is that while I was seaching Google images for a pseudo photo to use, I saw this and found it vaguely familiar,... no wonder! Glad to give your face some free publicity,...any time!
(Your Linda Carter resemblence is extraordinary....)

American Interests said...

Finished the PowerPoint presentation yet?

I do not support War, Socialism, (and communism), Theocracies, and Political Correctness, some common ground here!

However, war being as ugly as it is, is in fact, necessary. Everyone is anti-war or should be. Certainly, I am against war and even George W. Bush hates war! It would be great if humans did not have to die but that is war, many do die and suffer something that cannot be avoided. As neo-neocon (a great blogger) wrote in a recent post, “there are no solutions to the problem of human conflict that will eliminate the need for force (war) at times, just as there are virtually no large-scale societies that can do away with police or prisons … but when prevention (and our very incomplete knowledge of how to accomplish it) has failed, sometimes it’s the only answer.”

Finally thanks for commenting on my site, your visits and words and always appreciated.

TRUTH-PAIN said...

Yes, the Power Point gig went well!
The quote from Ne-Neocon is well worth examining,... War is the one thing I break ranks with my own party,... it is (unfortunately) necessary at times to battle when words and other measures do not bring closure or agreement to a problem,.... amazing we can still be so barbabic, in spite of trying to "clean it up" with rules of war...

Paul Champagne said...

OMG ... Let's not get into political correctness. Due to this new phenomenon, white people are afraid to say anything to a minority ... even if it is for their own good. Imagine you are giving a performance review at work. To a White employee you are brutally honest, you point out his weaknesses and tell him what he/she needs to do to improve. Next you have a Black or Hispanic employee come into your office, and because you don't want any EO complaints, you sugar coat everything and tell them what a great job they are doing and what a great asset their mediocre performance is to the company. What good have you done for the minority employee ... besides making him feel good from all the sunshine you've just blown up his ass? Because, unless you are a minority, you can't say anything bad against a minority or you are a racist. When Roy Ines or Bill Cosby tried to tell blacks that they need to help themselves by getting an education and not having kids out of wedlock ... they were saying what white people have been thinking for a long time.

Anonymous said...

As always, this is an exceptional post. I deeply appreciate your comments at my blog, TP . . . and I assure you that my silence has only been the result of working horrendous hours over the past sixty days. Believe me when I tell you that the only reason anyone would ever follow a regional manager is out of idle curiosity. Mine in particular would make a perfect centerpiece for a bouquet of assholes.

I do love the idea of human freedom, and believe that government MUST have a limited role in our lives. That popular democrats think that the government should teach the people about “saving” for the future is about as ludicrous as nominating Saddam Hussein as humanitarian of the year. Still, there is one federal law that I think should be enacted immediately . . . and this goes to your point of political correctness. If I were King, I would make the use of hyphenation with any self-description, along with “American,” a felony. For example, I'm Scots-Irish, but having never been to either country, I do not believe it is appropriate, or credible, to refer to myself as Scots-Irish-American. Anyone who has never been to Africa and yet refer to themselves as African-American is equally foolish. So for all of those hyphenated Americans – please, do return to your roots as soon as possible.

Semper Fi

Terri said...

Great post...

and I am w/ Paul Champange as usual.

TRUTH-PAIN said...

Its funny that you mention this because the over-hyphenation of things is one of the buns I have in the posting oven... hopefully I can get it out in a week or two.... it is a valuable observation on your part and one I am working hard to expose as best I can...

thanks for your comments!


Thanks for your drop-in, and concurrence with Paul Champagne. I have becomes an admirer of his blog and his opinions very quickly :)