Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Isn't revisionist history great? Especially when applied to one's self? My mind has been musing lately on all the things I've said, done, prognosticated, hoped-for or just plain gotten wrong going back to my "Yute". Here's a sampling:

* When I was a kid (mid-60's) the year 2000 seemed like a Star Date right out of Sci-Fi. I was dead certain we would all have flying cars like the Jetson's, our watches would have little monitors (like Dick Tracy) and I would have a lot more hair. None of them came true.

* I prognosticated that Rudy and Huckabee would be the wining ticket for the GOP. I may have batted .1000 here if Rudy had not run the worst campaign since McGovern in 1972. Mike Huck may still join McCain, but I still won't vote for him. I'm staying home in November.

* I also said Hillary was going have the primary wrapped-up by January 2008,... life does have a giant sucking sound, doesn't it Rodham? (Quote by Perot so I am still plagiarism-free)

* I said Arnold was going to clean Gray Davis' clock in the California Governor's race (I was right). Then I got stupid and said he was going to ride his Hollywood bully pulpit down the Democratic Legislative body and make California a truly centrist GOP state. I forgot to count the Maria Shriver factor. Arnold is a R.I.N.O (on steroids at that). That's "Republican In Name Only" for those of you politico-lingo challenged.

* I swore our troops were going to be met with flowers and fanfare in downtown Baghdad when they first went in. They were. I just figured it would last more than 15 minutes. It did not. I also predicted Playboy would have a "Woman of the Sunni Triangle" edition immediately thereafter. I'm still waiting on that...

* I thought the Minuteman movement down at the border would be a seminal moment in the history of border politics and that it would start a much-needed reversal of policy. It didn't.

* In feeling sorry for white America, I lobbied for a "White History month" to be taught in our schools; you know, just like black and latino history months are?.... Not that I am white by any measure but I just though the Caucasians where taking it in the ass with not having one. It went over like a wet fart after bad nachos at Taco Bell.

* Having failed at the above, I lobbied for 2 token white guys to be part of every NBA team. Sort of like a affirmative action for white boys, ya' know? Amazingly they scoffed at my idea due to something called "competition"....? the horror! What was I thinking.

* I though Ray Nagin would be toast after his "New Orleans will always be a chocolate city" comment. I failed to take into consideration the everlasting patience, stupidity and spineless disposition of some (most?) voters.

* I tried to pimp the principled disposition of my party, the Libertarian party that is (www.lp.org), and both Democrats and Republicans laughed at my sorry ass. I have one more post coming on that one.

* I glowingly said that "In our Hands" by Charles Murray was the coolest, most though-provoking book I had read the whole year,... and got lambasted for supporting eugenics. Do you see a pattern here?...

So what the hell; here a sampling of my bold predictions for the rest of 2008.

* Barack is taking the White House, but not by the landslide the talking heads are yapping about. McCain is going to surprise some people with his strength in the south and (trumpets please) that he loses California by only 2 points. And no, he is really not picking the Huckster as his VP. It's Lieberman baby.

* Speaking of Barack, twenty minutes after he sits his boney ass in JFK's old chair (shouldn't they retire that freakin' thing?) Russia, China, Iran, Bosnia, Venezuela, and a half dozen other countries will begin planning how to test the new American President. The first 100 days will be ugggglyyyyyy.

* Thirty minutes after his boney ass is still plastered to the cracked leather, the House will bring forth a resolution to impeach Bush, Cheney, God, Condoleeza, Ralph Nader and any other person or entities who pissed of the party of the Donkey in the last 8 years.

* Fifty minutes after his boney............. Mitt Romney will move to Iowa to begin campaigning for 2012. John Edwards will be 2 doors down the hall.

* Not wanting to go through the impaling process again, Hillary will back-stab Harry Reid at the first opportunity and try to run the Senate for the next 20 years. Yes, she will win the leadership role and probably be King-maker for the next 4 democratic primaries.

* Speaking of Hillary, having no use for Bill, she will finally dump his useless butt and have Ellen Degeneres move into her digs. Ellen will be quoted as saying "Shame on you Bill!".

* Your think McCain is a pugnacious, hot-tempered little shit now? Wait till he loses the election. His arms will retract another 6 inches, the comb over will look like David Gergen's, and his wife Cindy will divorce his ass too...., just in case he really did boink that lobbyist.

* The U.S. will really put the hammer down in the Summer Olympics and kick serious booty in most of the events. The success of the Americans will further piss the world off, and the crowds will chant "Ste.......roids!" during each medal presentation. Barry Bonds will not be allowed into the country. His larger-than-Godzilla head will be deemed a "clear and present danger" to the communist government.

* As to me? I will still be making inroads to the local political apparatus, I will still be going to the cave quite often, and my Blog postings will still get a Blog readability test of "Elementary School". (I swear that made me laugh my ass off...)



Renegade Eye said...

I think McCain is considering Condi.

I thought 1980 would be the year of the aerocar.

TRUTH-PAIN said...

Condi? Seriously? ... I just don't know how she helps him geographically or otherwise. One may say she adds conservative bona fides or "gravitas" (shit, there's that word again), but I think she is associated way too much with Bush 43 to make that doable....
Having said that, she is both a woman AND black.... and I never underestimate the power of the visceral .... Besides, she is from the south.

American Interests.blog said...

I was a victim of to many science fiction novels and Popular Science magazines inc. scientific American . Being born in ’61, had you asked about space exploration issues in my teens I would have suggested inter-planetary travel to Mars by 1990 and, an orbiting station around Jupiter by 2000; that’s what also happens when you allow the likes of Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke run loose in your mind. Oh, and incidentally I re-read Asimov’s entire Foundation series (seven books) in 2006 and wow!

So who is going to run with McCain? Some have suggested Lieberman but I think not. Too liberal on many hot-button issues, like global warming for instance. I can however, see him as McCain’s Secretary of Defense, Joe has a neocon streak in him on matters defense.

There is no way Lieberman will not run with Obama; he is too close to McCain. I’m struggling on this, Romney perhaps, maybe even Powell…Maybe someone for outer space, do you believe in extraterrestrial life? Wrote a lengthy piece on that very question in ’98, will email to you if you wish … left me with more damn questions…

benning said...

T-P, as for some of your youthful prognostications ... I was agreeing. Yeah, I did think we’d be driving flying cars around, but had questions as to how that would work. We are a very stupid people when it copmes to driving. Imagine the accidents and the parking lot jam-ups!

Politically I was pushing for a Fred Thompson candidacy in June of 2007. Fred was slow off the mark and stumbled taking off, then collapsed from being too far away from the media limelight. *sigh*

I, too, figured on a Shrillary coronation early. The “Empty Suit From Chicago” was a bit of a shock. Ahhhhnold’s conversion to a Democrat sock-puppet was disappointing, but I guess I should have known. The flowery period in Baghdad was far too short for me, too, but I think I was most shocked at the lunacy of forbidding any jubilation by the winning troops - “Don’t you dare wave an American flag! It might upset the losers!” - and the subsequent carping at how they won, and that it took more than ten minutes.

The Minuteman moment was ripe for action ... and died on the vine. Again, disappointing. I wasn’t as shocked by the Nagin comments, but angered that the only downside was to raise blood-pressure in conservative bloggers without any resolution - Dems can create havoc and walk away without a thought or any comebacks. That’s just not right! - and watched the fools of NO re-elect the do-nothing Nagin to the Mayor’s office. Sheesh!

As for what’s to come I think Empty Suit will become this generation’s George McGovern. He will thunder across the landscape as the public learns more about him, the Lefties will trumpet the rhetoric as if it meant something concrete, and he will be swamped come the general election. Another paeon to Leftist fantasy.

However, should you be correct - Heaven forfend! - and Obama win the White House, I agree that we’ll have every tin-pot dictator in the world nibbling at our hind-quarters. And Obamessiah will look as lost as Ted Kennedy at an All-Male Temperance Convention. Harry Reid will be defeated in his next run for the Senate, and Hillary will make a try at the top spot there. Maybe she wins it, but more likely she will be kept away as a discordant remnant of the Clinton/Obama fiasco.

I think John McCain will pick Sarah Palin as his running-mate which will place the Alaska Governor in the position to take Republicans through the 21st Century while the Dems become the newest Whigs and wither from Leftist-induced moral starvation.

Further? McCain declines to run for re-election in 2012, Palin carries the standard and becomes the first woman US President and grabs J.C.Watt as her running mate, thus ensuring the next four elections for the Republicans following McCain.

Yeah, it’s all cotton candy, but maybe it will happen. The American people could get their heads outa their asses. Couldn’t they?

As for the Olympics ... *yawn*

Great post! Stop it! I have more important things to do than respond in lengthy diatribes to your thought-provocations, y’know. Okay, I don’t, but I could! Really!

WomanHonorThyself said...

wow at least you werent a country mile off!..lol..good thing u can laugh at yerself bro~!

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Hang on to your wallets!!

Socialism here we come ...

we will be the highest taxed people on earth...

Shamnesty for illegals...

redistribution of wealth and we'll be paying for more and more entitlement programs....

Oh God... this scares the &*^% out of me.

I fear for our safety... The Dems will NOT protect us.

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Here's hoping that your 08 predictions have similar wrong results as most of your others.

I do disagree with Obama in the White House. I truly believe that when voters go to the polls and are by themselves and realize they are voting for who will be the next most powerful person in the wrold and he who will protect this nation, they will see Obama for the juvenial and inexperienced bumbler that he is and vote McCain.

BTW found a chilling video I posted today about Obamas plan from a military stand point. It will sedn chills down your spine!

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

I also made a couple of the predictions you did, but i was under no illusion that my daughter would be getting a landspeeder for her first vehicle.

I did not advocate for white NBA players. I don't enjoy NBA basketball in the slightest, and never watch a single game. However, I do live for collge hoops and I prefer competition to social standards in my games. Besides, us honkies still have golf and polo...

On the serious side, the VP choice will be interesting for a change. McCain is in a position that he can choose anyone he wishes - a conservative to give him more cred, or a middle of the roader to solidify his middle of the road persona. From a pure political perspective, I am actually surprised, albeit very pleasantly, that Obama's campaign has not generated more discussion about race. Of course, should he be defeated in November (It IS a long time away and McCain has as much experience running campaigns as the entire dem party collectively)there will be assertions that America is still racist and doesnt want a black man for President. It couldn't possible be that America didn't want an extremely liberal anything for President, now could it?

Condi is from Birmingham where I am, and well respected for her accomplishments. I think froma purely political standpoint the black woman would show the GOP is as much racial positiveness as the left with Hill and Obama. McCain can go anyway with a VP choice and not sacrifice anything.

Finally, I also say that Leiberman will be the choice. And I even said it before you did....lol.

When we are both wrong we can add it to our list of stupid predictions for next year...

TRUTH-PAIN said...

American Interests:
Asimov and Clarke. Now THAT brings back a subtle smile to my face. There were many years when the only escape-ism I had was a good yarn from either of those two.

I'ts funny because I just read Bennings comments and he stole my thunder. I have been pimpin' Sarah Palin of Alaska for over a year and think she can really energize conservatives and other Libertarians to come out and fight the Obama steamroller.

I fully agree with you that Lieberman would make a fine SecDef.

Glad to keep your frontal lobe cooking :)

TRUTH-PAIN said...

I guess the edit button was nowhere in sight, correct? LOL! No worries. I am editorially-challenged myself but I never complain when the comments are like yours.

Some comments on your comments.
1. Yes, Fred T. was the Locomotive that just stayed loco with no motive. The media pounded on his work habits and sleepwalking personality and he seemed to sink even deeper into his own hipnosys.
2. The soldier having so remove the stars and stripes off of Sadams head (statue) was just silly and political correctness tentacles stretching out yet again. Thats like American GI's asked to take down the flag over Hitler's statue during the fall of Berlin. The difference is that the media was actually part of the human race back then.
3. As to Obama, The Blogway Boys did a nice summary of the Obama webpage depth, or lack thereof. I went to it and was amazed at the lack of sophisticated detail in terms of policy positions and solutions matrix. But each generations gets their Carter. So be it.
4. SARAH PALIN! I love her. I just mentioned to American Interests that I think she would be a great VP choice. J.C. Watts never moved me like he did when he was quartebacking the Sooners back in the day. But maybe I just did not really listen to him or dig deep enough. For all I know the guy is really the real deal.

My deep thanks for your visit. Comments like yours make me want to keep it up.

TRUTH-PAIN said...

I laugh at myself hourly,... the crap I step into on a daily basis is the stuff of legends!!

I feel ya' Girlfriend. But let your mind be at ease. Ours is a strong republic that is just going through its puberty realy. How old are we, 235 years old? We've not yet reached our maturity. Think of it as our Paris Hilton stage. (...shit, maybe that was not a good analogy...)

TRUTH-PAIN said...

I think you may be right. No one knows how the American soul really votes once the curtain in down and he has but his gut feeling and instincts to guide him or her.

I saw the video at your site.... I can deduce a lot from his body language alone....

TRUTH-PAIN said...


"... us Honkies have Golf and Polo" (LMAO!!)... THAT's funny!

As to Obama and the VP possibilities?... I agree that both McCain and Obama can go a lot of directions and not help/hurt their candidacies. I do think that their choice of VP will have an impact as far as whether or not theirs will be an implied team presidency (like Clinton/Gore), or one that puts the VP to funeral duties.

Brooke said...

OMG, I don't think I've laughed this hard in awhile!

TRUTH-PAIN said...

No wonder my Blog's reader requirements are only Elementary School level.... I don't make people think, I make people laugh!(sigh ...)Oh well...

Anonymous said...

Dang T-P, they just keep getting better and better. Yeah I had also thought about flying cars, but that probably has more to do with the fact that I loved the jetsons and less to my realistic brain capacity!

Rudy and Huck....I can't picture that, but then I never pictured McCain as our GOP either. (sigh)

I really thought Hillary was gonna run away with it, but can't say I'm sorry that she hasn't!

"Woman of the Sunni Triangle....hilarious!

White History Month.....I thought only whites could be racist?
"Wet fart after bad nachos at Taco Bell" You had me laughing so hard....I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything at that moment! It could have been flying from all available cavities.

NBA...never watched, never will!

Ray Nagin is a complete idiot and those who voted for him.....well you use your vivid imagination on those that voted for him! (grin)

Barack in the White House....Oh the Horror, the Horror! And I loved the first hour of his presidency! LOL

Great post!

Wadical said...
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Wadical said...

Damn, I like reading your posts! It's one of the few places I can chuckle and shout Hallelujah in the same breath.

Man, I hope you're wrong. I really do. I've heard it argued that we'll have to endure 4 years of "Jimmy Carter" to usher in 20 years of Reagan like conservatism and that 4 years of Hilary or Obama would actually be good for the party in the long run. WTF kinda plan is that? You know how much shit they can screw up in 4 years if they own both houses and the Presidency? It wouldn't take half that to relegate the entire Bill of Rights to the shitcan. I literally become nauseous at the very thought.

Who will McCain pick as VP? I couldn't make an intelligent "predictification" (my feeble attempt at a Bushism) but I know who he ought to pick. TED friggin NUGENT!

Robert...we lost golf, man. You should get out more.

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

12:30 A.M. - Democrats on the House Budget Committee made history today. Here’s just a sampling of what they achieved:

• Passed the largest tax increase in American history;

• Raised federal spending by hundreds of billions of dollars to grow government programs;

• Refused to stop earmarks and begin real reform;

• Raised taxes on children by slashing the $1,000 per child tax credit in half; and

• Refused to rein in entitlement spending in order to save Medicare for future generations.

Yes, it was an historic day, but unfortunately America’s workers and middle-income families will be footing the bill for all of this in the form of massive tax hikes, exploding deficits and overburdened entitlement programs.

Every single Republican voted NO on the Democrats’ fiscally irresponsible budget; every Democrat voted YES.

11:50 P.M. - Republicans: Social Security Money Should Go to Social Security ; Democrats: NO!

benning said...

Terri: Why does none of that surprise me? And the MSM will just love it.

Hey! T-P! Come outa that cave! Dagnabbit!

American Interests.blog said...

What was I thinking? I was thinking of stopping by and saying hello....

Ms.Green said...

TP, I find it extremely interesting that you as a Libertarian are staying home in November. I, as a Reagan conservative, am also staying home in November - for the first time in my adult life.

The way I see it, whether I'm flying off of a cliff at 70 miles per hour or 20 miles per hour, I'm still flying over the cliff. And voting for the lesser of two evils still gives me....evil.